Unique Ways To Save On Gas In A Rigid Truck

In today’s tough economic times, it is very important to use every single drop of fuel in an efficient manner. The fuel prices are incredibly high, forcing those involved in transportation business to look for a variety of gas-saving alternatives. As a consequence, many transportation business owners have traded their large vehicles for smaller rigid truck for sale that uses less gas for same operation. 

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Maximized fuel efficiency is not an option with heavy-duty trucks and trailers, since they are used for transportation of extremely heavy and large goods. However, there are many different ways that can help you save on gas with your choice of a rigid truck for sale, regardless of make or model. Here are the most unique saving gas ways.

Regular Maintenance – This may not be one of the most unique ways to save on gas, but it is commonly neglected and it is a really efficient one. Your rigid truck will use less gas if it is properly tuned, with all functions running. Checking the engine, the tires and the braking system is a must, while checking other parts is also highly recommended.

Check The Tires Regularly – Find out what’s the right pressure for your tires in your owner’s manual and ensure they are inflated to the right pressure. When inflating, make sure your tires are cold. Improperly inflated tires wear down quicker and may create a drag that impacts the fuel consumption.

Use Regular Gasoline – Do not use high-octane gas if your rigid truck does not require it. Use regular gasoline or diesel. Premium gasoline does not boost your truck performance and gas mileage. To find out the ideal grade for your rigid truck, look in your owner’s manual or ask your mechanic. Using a regular gasoline instead of high-octane premium gasoline, will save you hundreds of dollars yearly.

Never Top Off – When filling the gas tank, try not to top off. Any additional gas will slop around or seep out, so basically, it is nothing but a waste of money. Stop pumping at the first sign of a full tank and save.

Tighten Up The Gas Cap – This may sound like a joke, but missing or damaged gas caps are the reason for millions of wasted gas on a yearly basis. Gas can easily evaporate from the gas tank, thus with every refill make sure to tighten up the gas cap good.

Replace Air Filter – Air filters are used to prevent dirt, bugs or dust getting into the engine of your truck, thus to ensure high fuel-efficiency and smooth operation. When replacing the engine oil, it is wise to check air filter as well. Replacing your old and clogged air filter with a new one will improve your fuel economy greatly.

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