The Unique Benefits Of Natural Bee Products

Beeswax, honey bee pollen and royal jelly are the first choice bee superfoods. Just for this fact alone, we should forgive bees for their unpleasant stings.

Surveys state that if there are no bees on the planet, more than 80% of the crops will be unpollinated, what will decrease the availability of both fruits and veggies, as well as plants used in livestock fodder and textiles. They really are the heroes of the Mother Nature; they contribute to the global ecosystem and are the first source of natural remedies. Here are some of the super powerful natural products online available which have a great impact on the human health.


Beeswax is a natural ingredient produced by bees in bee hives. It has powerful impact on our skin and hair, but only when added in skin-hair products. When eaten, beeswax has less health benefits.
When blended into body lotions and hair products, beeswax fatty acids and vitamin A softens the skin and allows it to breathe. On the other hand, balms that contain beeswax can soothe dry lips and the skin around your nose due to the cell reconstruction power. What’s more, a 2005 survey showed that beeswax is a super anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial product, perfect for cold and flu seasons.

Honey is a treasured bee product, which contains numerous hidden medical and nutritional benefits. It is a healthy natural sweetener with super powers that can revitalize your skin and revive your hair. Many clinical surveys have proven it to be effective in reducing respiratory infections and in healing small wounds. Also, more studies state that honey is as effective as a standard dose of dextromethorphan, which is a common ingredient in cough suppressants. So the next time you have the flu, consider a jar of honey instead of medication.


Bee Pollen is the food of young bees and represents 40% protein. It is considered the most nourishing natural food that contains almost all nutrients required by human body. Bee pollen is a holistic remedy that is used all around the world and is a popular skin soother and energy enhancer; and it has an anti-inflammatory effects, it treats allergies and addictions. It is good for the digestive system (full of vitamins, minerals and protein), it is a immune system booster and can help with infertility problems (it stimulates and restores the ovarian function). What’s more, bee pollen contains a lot of Rutin, which is an antioxidant that helps in strengthening blood vessels, capillaries and regulates cholesterol. Bee pollen as well as honey and beeswax can be found in any reliable natural products online store.

Royal Jelly is a queen bee’s food and a holistic remedy for many serious health conditions like asthma, kidney disease, hepatitis, ulcers and arthritis. Beside all these, it is the number one ingredient for cosmetic body products, it rejuvenates the skin, leaving it shiny, soft and young.

When looking for a trustworthy natural products online store, do an online research and see other customers’ top choices. This will help you make the right decision about both supplier and natural bee products.

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