Unique Features Of Air Compressors


The air compressors are machines capable to convert electrical energy into kinetic energy by compressing air. These machines or devices are used in many industry sectors for different applications. The air compressors release compressed air very quickly, creating in this way kinetic energy which can be used for a variety of tasks, such as pneumatic device activation, air transfer, and for cleaning applications where pressurized air is needed. The process of creating kinetic energy is performed in two major phases: compression and release operation. Different compression methods can be used, like reciprocating compression, rotary screw compression, or centrifugal compression method. On the other hand, the release operation phase can vary depending on the compression device that is being used. This phase is generally measured in cubic meters per minute. As a certain rule: air compressor with more horsepower is capable to create more powerful air delivery. Let’s look at the unique features of the air compressors:

  • CMM- Cubic Meter per Minute of air. This shows the amount of pressurized air that is being created.
  • Receiver tank. A receiver tank is the main holding tank where all the pressurized air is being stored.
  • Receiver tank certification. This certification means that the receiver tank will be individually tested for pressure safety standards. Not all air compressors come with certified receiver tanks.
  • Inline water filter. The inline water filter is a device that removes the moisture from the air that needs to be pressurized. It is very important the moisture to be removed because the air compressors can rust easily if there is high level of moisture.
  • Dual air line hook up. This is an optional feature that allows the operators to use two air lines. It usually comes with air compressors that have at least 16 CMM.
  • Gas or electrical. The gas air compressors are generally used for outside applications, while the electric air compressors for indoor jobs. Gas powered air compressors are ideal for residential projects, while the electric units are used more for commercial projects.
  • Portable and mounted air compressors. Beside the big air compressors which are usually mounted on a fixed location, there are also portable air compressors. These compressors are compact and can be used for tasks in remote locations where no power outlets can be found. They are usually powered by batteries which can be easily replaced or recharged.

The air compressors are widely used today in many industry fields. They come in various sizes and with different specifications. When on the market for air compressors, you need to look for a model with the right configuration and specifications for your job.


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