Unique ways to prevent hair loss

Unique ways to prevent hair loss
Healthy, shiny and voluminous hair is what all women desire. And while some can flaunt those beautiful curls, some are battling an illness that has become a major problem worldwide – hair loss. This is due to many reasons – numerous diets, age, pregnancy, menopause and stress, but there are also more serious reasons for hair loss like sudden illness. Hair loss is really difficult to accept which is why many men and women decide to implement various hair treatments and even decide to do hair replacement. Before you decide to go under the knife, try some of the following natural ways that can help you slow down and even stop the process of hair loss.

  • Take vitamins

Vitamins are good for your overall health as they keep your body strong and energized. For healthy and shiny hair you should consume following vitamins: Vitamin A – strong antioxidant which helps produce sebum in the scalp; Vitamin E – stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp and keeps hair follicles productive; Vitamin B – produces melanin, which gives your hair healthy color.

  • Hair massage

The best treat you can give your hair is a good hot oil massage. Gently massage warm essential oil on your scalp for about 1 hour to restore hair moisture. You can massage your hair with olive, coconut, almond or any other essential oil.

  • Include more proteins in your food

Consuming fish, soy and other lean meats along with vitamin B12 will help you reduce the risk of hair loss.

  • Take good care of your hair. Use recommended products for your hair type, never brush it when it’s wet and avoid harsh styling products and hair styling gadgets such as hair curlers and straighteners.
  • Reduce stress

Sometimes the main reason for hair loss is stress, so try to reduce it with meditation, yoga and exercise like walking, swimming, riding a bike, etc.

  • If your problem is severe and non of these natural ways for preventing hair loss can help, then you should see a specialist. Sometimes hair loss is a sign of serious health problem, so the best thing to do is to consult with a doctor. He/she can recommend you the best hair treatment for you.

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