Turn Your Backyard into a Relaxing Oasis with a Hot Tub

Having a hot tub in the comfort of your home seems like a little pleasure that could change your entire day and lifestyle. Whether you will place it in your backyard, porch or bathroom, your home spa will soon become your favourite place to be. However, before investing in a particular model, make sure you pick the right size and configuration that would best work for your family’s needs. Consider who will use the spa mostly and how so that you can choose the proper number of seats for your hot tub. Before you head on an online shopping spree, there is a number of things you should predetermine in order to make the most out of your purchase.

Hot Tub Size

The hot tub size you choose will mainly depend on the number of your family members. There are six-person hot tubs specially designed for larger families (and larger spaces), but you can find smaller options made for two people. If you are looking for a 4 seater spa for sale, you’ll realize that it is one of the most popular models. Having the proper measurements can be of great help when you start for your 4 seater spa for sale. Too large models might overcrowd your intended space. You should be able to comfortably enter and exit the tub, without anything getting in your way. It should be also placed strategically, so you can easily maintain it.

Hot Tub Seats

Logically, the size of the spa depends on the number of seats. For example, a two-person hot tub often measures 5’8.5″ x 5’8.5″ x 29″ while a four-person hot tub is quite larger and typically comes in dimensions such as 6’8″ x 6’8″ x 33″. Besides choosing the number of people who will use the spa, you should also consider the types of seating. A lot of models come with lounge seats that allow you to sit in a reclining position for the ultimate relaxation. I’m sure you would love to stretch out in the seat while chilling in your tub. For that very reason, it’s important to determine whether you want to have more seats or prefer having various seating options.


Hot tubs have various depths (when you sit and stand). The depth of their seats also varies. This is an important thing to keep in mind if there are kids in your family who would use the unit. Choose a model with a depth that is most comfortable (and safe) for everyone who will use the tub.

Maintaining Hot Tub’s Water

women sit on 4 seater spa in her home

Maintaining your hot tub’s water regularly is important. Make sure you frequently check the filters and thoroughly clean them. Most models have pleated filters that trap debris that might get into your hot tub’s water while you’re using it. You can pick a model with an ozonator that regularly releases ozone into the water to maintain it free from germs.

Ozone is known to kill bacteria, therefore, you won’t have to use large amounts of sanitizer to keep your water clean. Hot tub filters should be cleaned every few weeks and replaced annually. If this seems complicated, make sure you consult with your installer regarding maintenance and whether they know how to do it.

Cover It Up

When not in use, your hot tub should be covered . A suitable cover will prevent airborne debris from falling into the water. Choose a solid cover with padding that comes with locks which lock onto the sides to keep your unit in mint condition for years to come.


Many people prefer installing their hot tub outside in the backyard but there are also those who love having it installed in the serenity of their bathroom. Regardless of where you install it, you should leave enough space around the unit to be able to enter and exit it freely. Some people like having additional features such as waterfalls, lighting or audio systems to kick their experience up a notch. Perhaps you would want to have a hot tub with hydrotherapy. This would be a wonderful feature if you want to unwind and treat your back and shoulder pain. Make sure to check all the options when buying.

Shop Online

Today there is a vast range of online stores to buy hot tubs from. Provided that you have already determined the features that you want, know the exact size of the tub you need and the number of seats, you can get a pretty great deal bu comparing prices. Just make sure you shop from a reputable online store that has good reviews and a lot of happy customers.

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