Hair Tattoo – Unique And Effective Alopecia Treatment

Baldness, or medically known as alopecia, is a common condition that causes hair loss in both men and women. Although it is a condition that affects both genders, about 95% of the men in the world are suffering from baldness, fully or partly. The most interesting part is that even in the 21th century, the causes for baldness are still unknown. Some experts suggest that bad diet is one potential cause, others state that the chemical waxes and hair gels cause hair loss. Fortunately, the modern medicine has developed a number of hair loss treatments.


The standard hair loss treatments are focused on promoting hair growth or hiding the hair loss. It is very important for the person who suffer from hair loss to visit a doctor for a proper treatment. There are also special drugs that might help you to stop or slow down the hair decline. The Minoxidil is the most popular, and so far the most efficient medication for slowing or stopping baldness. This medication is available without a prescription. You can apply Minoxidil directly on the scalp or on the bald areas. The new hair may be shorter and thinner than it used to be, but at least you will have hair to cover the bald spots.

Nowadays, the most popular alopecia treatment for men is the hair tattoo treatment, also known as scalp micro pigmentation. The scalp micro pigmentation is a quite effective alopecia treatment, and this treatment is becoming more and more popular. It is mostly preferred by men, but some women are comfortable with short hairstyle too.

The alopecia treatment is quite unique. The entire procedure is performed by professionals who use special tattooing tools. They create or tattoo tiny dots on the scalp, which give an illusion of having a very short hair. These dotes perfectly camouflage the bald patches, but they don’t prevent further hair loss. For all those who admire the hairstyle of Bruce Willis, Chris Daughtry, Michael Jordan, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, this is the ideal alopecia treatment to try.

Since there is no proven method that can completely grow back your hair, don’t bother yourself with other painful and ineffective treatments, choose the hair tattoo treatment and bring back your confidence.

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