Property For Sale In The USA – Unique Investment Benefits

The US real estate market has noted a significant fall in prices as a result to several economic crisis. The prices of real estates in USA have been significantly decreased in the last seven years. This is mainly due to the burst of the United States housing bubble in 2007. prices of residential properties started declining rapidly and were a main reason for the US recession which lasted from 2007 until 2009. Many Australians took and still are taking advantage of this situation and are heavily investing in property for sale in the USA.

Property For Sale In The USA

However, due to the fact that the US real estate market has partially recovered, many are wondering whether it is a good idea to look for property for sale in the USA. According to many real estate experts, investing in the USA residential properties still offers many benefits. If you feel uncertain and skeptic, read how you can benefit from buying a property for sale in the USA.

Benefits of investing in real estate in the USA

  • Low Prices

Compared to the prices of real estate properties in Australia, the US market offers houses (that are twice larger than the houses in Australia) for half the price. For example, in Australia to buy a two-bedroom home, the average price you’d have to pay is somewhere around $500,000 (Sidney and Melbourne), whereas in the US you can find a house with four large rooms for about 120,000 US dollars.

  • Cash Flow

Most cities in the USA have high rental rate. This means that even if you do not use the property, you can rent it and earn additional income. When it comes to investing in real estate, there is nothing better than acquiring a property at a low price and renting at high rental rates. This way you can return part of your investment. For this reason it is worth to look for property for sale in the USA.

  • Low tax rates

The real estate tax rate in the USA is slightly lower compared to the tax rate in Australia. Thus, no need to be concerned with tax rates when looking for property for sale in the USA. Furthermore, if you decide to lease a property, you can ask for tax depreciation rate. This means that you can receive a financial assets deduction on most items related to your real estate in the USA.


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