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How to Pick the right Light Fitting for Every Room in Your House

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Picking the right light fittings for your home can get a little bit overwhelming when you are not sure what size or type of light fixture is right for your home. There are a few things that you should always remember when choosing light fittings. Each room of your home is different and will require […]

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Growing Vegetables in Self Watering Pots: Unique Advantage of Time, Ease and Comfort

Vegetables in Self Watering Pots

I’ve always thought that people who live in buildings and people who live in houses with backyards don’t have the same access to certain things in life, like having their own garden with veggies and herbs for example. I mean, how can we claim that ‘organic’ is how we should all live our lives when […]

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Hammock Swing Seat: The Ultimate in Outdoor and Indoor Relaxation

Hammock swing seat

There are few things that are calming and satisfying and one is swaying in a hammock swing seat on a lazy day. This outdoor chair made out of rope and fabric offers a sanctuary where you can escape from everyday life and relax. Also called hanging chair, a hammock swing seat has become the ultimate […]

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Timber: Top Choice for Affordable Patio Furniture

affordable modern furniture

When the topic of discussion is modern furniture, whether for patio or your living room, the first thing people instantly think of are trendy pieces they see on web sites or in interior design magazines. And while there is nothing wrong with trendy, your budget probably doesn’t allow you to change furniture that often; after […]

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Types of Furniture That Cause a Unique Stylish Stir


Furniture is one of the most important types of investment that can affect the overall atmosphere in your home. It is the thing that gains a lot of attention from guests which is another reason why we, homeowners, strive to find the most beautiful pieces. Everybody needs a place to sit back, relax, unwind and […]

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