Green Living Craze: How You Can Help Make Earth a Better Place


We’re witnessing a global paradigm shift: people are turning to ‘green’ alternatives in almost every area of their lives as we become more and more aware of what is happening with our planet. The incredibly fast climate changes that result in migration of entire populations and the disappearing of entire islands have made many people put the finger on their forehead: is it all really worth it?

Besides the obvious environmental changes, there are other reasons to go green. Once this spiral starts, it goes into every pore of human life. We created a way of functioning that relies entirely on artificial ingredients, treated with all kinds of poisons. And now that we’re becoming aware of it, it’s time for changes.

This post will concentrate on the eco friendly home products you can incorporate in your daily life to start eliminating poisons from it. Believe it or not, clothes, towels, bathrobes and so many other essentials we would’ve never thought to be artificial, are treated with some dose of chemicals. Does that mean you should throw away all your clothes? Very probably not. But, you should be informed enough on the eco friendly materials for future purchasing decisions.

Introducing: Bamboo
As a plant, bamboo is probably the most important substitute for endangered rainforest hardwood species. Its most important feature that makes it so essential for the green industry cause is the amount of biomass it produces which is unsurpassed by other plants. Bamboo’s biomass production increases by 10-30 % every year, compared to that of other trees, which is 2-5% annually. What characterises bamboo as a ‘green’ and sustainable material, is the construction of its specific culms: strong and straight, smooth, light and hard at the same time, providing great hollowness. These features allow for bamboo to be used in many different industries, which makes it so versatile as a material. As such, it’s utilized in the clothing industry, furniture production, handicrafts and novelty items.

When it comes to talking ‘green’, I personally like to start from my most immediate surrounding: my home. Pursuing the idea to go ‘green’, getting eco friendly home products seems like a great starting point.


Bamboo fibre
As I said, going eco-friendly doesn’t necessarily have to mean you need to throw away all your clothes. But things like towels, bathrobes and underwear for example, can easily be replaced. Bamboo fibre is made from the pulp of the bamboo grass, and it’s mainly used in it’s organic form because that’s how it looks best. Therefore, the textile made from bamboo is pure and unbleached, which is a very big plus for ‘green’ clothing. In addition to this main feature, bamboo has many other beneficial features:

  • antibacterial properties – since bamboo is a natural antibacterial and antifungal agent, it resists them naturally, without the use of pesticides;
  • hypo-allergenic material – people with sensitive skin instantly react to chemically treated fabrics. Bamboo sheets and towels for example, would make sleeping for these people much more comfortable and pleasant;
  • environmentally friendly – the biggest part of bamboo on Earth is grown in China, and the Chinese company who has the patent for turning bamboo into fibre follows strict protocol for growing organic bamboo. The stalks used need to be 100% natural and organic, with no pesticides used. Also, the types of bamboo pandas use for food are not to be used by any circumstance.

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