Unique Warehouse Solutions for Freeing More Space

There comes a time when every warehouse manager must make an important decision in order to maximize operational effectiveness. But all too often, managers overlook the planning and organising factor and focus on other components of the production such as new machinery. In the real world however, optimising warehouse space (be it storing documents, tools or any other type of equipment) is key to ensuring efficient and productive operations.


Utilising shelving systems and racks to store big and heavy items in large quantities can help maximise vertical space and increase efficiency. But what about the small but necessary pieces of equipment that need to be safely stored yet within a hand’s reach? Solution – a cabinet system which features drawers with heavy-duty locking durable drawer runners which can support and withstand a lot of weight, essential for any industrial setting.

This system is offered in a wide array of sizes for height and width along with multiple colours to choose from. This storage system works with pretty much any setup thanks to the match and mix size component. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and can be integrated into more than 35 shelving brands thanks to the industrial drawer runners. These can be applied in multiple ways to the already existing system and can hold up to 200 kg of weight.

This makes for a very adaptable tool chest with pull-put drawers that can be securely locked while opened on close, allowing you to conveniently work with them. Furthermore, there’s a wide range of components and accessories that can help with accessibility and security, including a lock-out mechanism, security panel, drawer compartments and drawer locks, just to name a few.

The positioning of these safe and convenient-to-use shelves used in conjunction with their mobility, makes them extremely versatile storage solutions. For example, your workers will be able to move the entire drawer from one location to the other where work is being done, instead of going back and forth for picking up the tools they need. This in turn speaks volumes about you are as a manager and your concern for the safety and health of your employees.

All in all, think of cabinets as a storage solution for all the small (yet heavy) tools and items in the warehouse, like a counterpart for the racking system for the big, bulky items. All the rules apply – they should be safe, efficient, mobile (if necessary) and convenient to use.

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