Special and Unique Gift Ideas for a Newborn Baby

A family member or a close friend just had their first baby and you’re looking for the best newborn baby gift they’ll ever get? We’ve got you! With all the baby gear and clothing available online and in brick-and-mortar stores nowadays, finding the perfect baby gift can be tricky.

What we gift a newborn baby? Should you buy something that the baby can wear now, or something they’ll grow into? Should you get something for the mum? How about the dad? Don’t worry! This guide should help take all the guesswork out of buying a gift for a newborn baby and help you realize what your loved ones actually need.

Feeding Supplies

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Feeding supplies make a great newborn baby gift. Although most newborns are breastfed, many babies and mothers physically can’t do it, so gifting feeding supplies is always a good idea. A starter pack of bottles, milk storage bags and a steriliser is the perfect combo. You can also consider products for when the baby moves onto solids. This includes anything from no-spill cups to heat-sensitive spoons and suction plates to freezer trays to store the puree in.


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Clothing is a great gift, but it can be tricky to buy because babies outgrow everything oh-so-fast. Your best bet is to buy baby clothes that are one or two sizes bigger. This way, you will give the parents something nice and cute for their little munchkin to wear in a couple of months.


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Gifting manchester and linens is always a safe bet for a newborn and there are plenty of really beautiful products at affordable prices to choose from. Key pieces you’ll want to consider include bassinet fitter sheets, cot fitted sheets and soft baby towels. Aside from sheets and towels, there is one thing that most adults remember from their childhood – their baby blanket. For extra comfort and increased durability, choose a blanket made from bamboo fabric.


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Newborn babies have incredibly sensitive skin, and new mums often have a number of skin-related dramas that need attention. For a gift that will truly soothe the mommy and her baby, opt for skincare products. For the mom, consider a nipple cream, a hand moisturiser and bio oil for stretch marks. For the baby, an all-over moisturiser or a bath product will be a great choice. Just be sure to pick a product that isn’t harmful to the baby’s sensitive skin.


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Sometimes the best gifts are those that don’t fall into a particular category. From change mats to breastfeeding pillows and swaddles, there is a wide range of goodies that can make life much easier for the parents of a newborn. One good option to consider is a baby lounger. It is the perfect gift to keep the baby comfortable while the mommy gets some free moments. Baby loungers are designed with a recessed interior and are great for parents to interact with the baby without using their hands. They are lightweight and feature a sewn handle which is convenient and ensures that the parent can carry it easily from one place to another.

Personalized Teddy Bear

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Kids love teddy bears and that makes them a popular infant gift. Make your choice stand out from the rest by choosing a personalized teddy bear. Customize the bear’s shirt with the baby’s name or put a sweet message for a forever friend the baby will love to snuggle with.


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If there is a gift that I can promise the new mum will thank you for, it’s diapers. A parent of a newborn baby can never have too many diapers. Get a set of the parent’s brand choice and tie them together with a decorative ribbon for the most practical gift ever!


If after going through all the above-mentioned gift options you still don’t know what you want to buy and would rather leave the new parents to decide themselves, vouchers are a great way to show you care. You can gift vouchers for clothing, toys, or other supplies. You can also think outside the box and gift vouchers for apps like Netflix, restaurants that deliver, etc.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Gift

One of the easiest ways to know what the new parents need is to ask if there is a registry. A registry or a wish list will help you to easily determine what the parents want and what’s their taste. It is also helpful to know if the baby is a boy, a girl or a surprise. While butterflies and kittens are cute for a little girl, these won’t be appropriate for a little boy. That same way, footballs and fire trucks won’t be the best choice for a little girl. If the parents don’t know the gender of the baby yet, look for baby clothes, toys and other products in gender-neutral colours and patterns.

Keep in mind that winter babies will need warm, snuggly clothes and accessories to keep them comfy, while summer babies will need lighter clothing and sunhats. And if you are buying bigger clothes that the baby can wear months down the road, consider what the season will be when the baby is six, nine or twelve months old, and buy accordingly.

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