Eyeliner Tattoo – Way To Achieve Unique Dramatic Look With Bigger Eyes

Put away your eye pencil and shape your eyes the way you want with the right eyeliner tattoo. Cut your prep time of putting makeup on and enhance the appearance of your eyes with makeup tattoo. You will no longer have to be a Speedy Gonzales in the mornings and can say goodbye to smudgy eyes. With permanent makeup tattoo, you will wake up and go to sleep with prefect flawless makeup.

You should not disregard the fact that woman’s eyes dilate attraction. Eyes are the first thing a man sees in a woman, before her cleavage. Eyes are said to be the window to a woman’s soul. In that case, make sure you highlight your eye shape and let your soul shine through. Whether you are allergic to cosmetics or simply want to skip the morning ritual, consider getting a permanent eyeliner tattoo.


You will enjoy sexy, smear-free eyes while swimming, showering, exercising, or simply walking in the rain. Determining your eye shape is as important as choosing the right eyeliner tattoo expert. Take a look at some of the most popular eyeliner styles and choose the one that fits your face and eye shape best.

Deep Set Eyes – If you have deep set eyes, then you should consider highlighting your eye arches. Choose the lash enhance style, since you already have perfectly shaped eyes that don’t need a lot of makeup. An upper eyelid lash-line will emphasize the shape of your eye and give that dramatic look you are looking for.

Monolid – If you want to enhance the monolid look and emphasize your almond-shaped eyes, then get a black permanent eyeliner tattoo in the crease and in the inner corner of your eyes. Women with monolid eye shape should sharpen their eyes edges to achieve bigger eye look.

Hooded Eyelids – Women with hooded eyelids can make their eyes look bigger by thickening their lash base with a permanent eyeliner tattoo. Consider the graduation eyeliner style in order to achieve bigger, fuller eyes. The longer and thicker the eye-line is, the bigger the eyes appear.

Downturned Eyes – Women with downturned eyes can easily get that sexy cat’s eye shape. Beauty technicians need to emphasize the outer corners with thicker line and accentuate the shape of the whole eye. No need to permanently line the lower lash-line.

Wide Set Eyes – If your natural eyes are wider, then you should consider the iris cap eyeliner tattoo style. Your eyes will look bigger by riming the top and the bottom lash line as close as possible.

Of course, to ensure you get the eyeliner tattoo that best matches the shape of your eyes, it is best to consult with a beauty technician.

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