Tips on How to Choose the Best Industrial Material Handling Equipment

What is material handling equipment? There is a wide range of tools and devices that fall under this definition including vehicles, storage units, and major appliances. Generally, anything that deals with control, storage and transportation can be classified as material handling equipment. It is used in different industries and settings, like warehouses, retail stores, manufacturing plants and similar. The main role of this equipment is to increase productivity, improve efficiency and be cost-effective. 

Yes, all these uses are great and are reasons enough for you to invest in industrial material handling equipment, but how do you know what type of equipment exactly your business needs? Handling equipment is divided into four main categories: bulk material handling, engineered systems, industrial trucks and storage, and handling equipment. Here is how to make your pick.

industrial material handling

Choose The Right Equipment

To make the right purchase, make sure to know the answers to the following questions. How sensitive are the goods you will be handling? How often will they need to be moved around? Are the goods in your warehouse perishable or chemicals? Is the material on spools, palletized or in some other form? What will you do with the materials? Considering all of this, you should be able to choose the right material handling solutions for your business. For example, if you need equipment for picking and moving pallets you need to look for reach trucks.

Consider Space and Function

Industrial material handling equipment has the following three functions.

  • Storing materials – It is used for materials that don’t need to be moved often. This range of equipment includes pallets, racks, shelving, and containers that are used to store goods for an extended period of time.
  • Handling bulk materials – The equipment is used to move, process and manipulate heavy materials like trucks, drums, silos, conveyors and elevators.
  • Automation – Material handling equipment processes and moves goods simply and easily, saving you money, time and space. Keep in mind that you need to have some available space in your warehouse as operating with the material handling equipment requires some space.

Keep In Mind the Process and Customization Needs

Consider whether your manufacturing processes require a lot of moving such as the processes for filling totes, drums and other containers, the high-speed processes for packing and conveyors with scales used for weighing materials. All that requires heavy-duty equipment that needs to be regularly maintained in order to be in top working condition. Today’s technology makes customization possible, which means you can follow the entire manufacturing process of certain products from start to finish.

Safety First

Be an employer who is responsible and cares not just for his business but for his employees as well. Make sure your company follows the safety standards and that your workers use the proper workwear and equipment for the job. Ensure your employees are properly trained for operating and maintaining heavy lifting equipment so you can prevent injuries and improve productivity.

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