Here’s What Makes Cellular Window Blinds Unique Window Treatment

If you’re anything like me, a sworn non-lover of curtains of any kind, then you’re very likely looking for a window treatment in the blinds section in stores and online shops. I can only congratulate you on the excellent choice! Blinds of all kinds are an amazing window treatment, stylish, fancy and easy to maintain. Plus, nowadays there are examples that actually offer a temperature management option. Cellular window blinds are designed to keep you warm during cold winter days and keep you cool during the hot summer ones, which is why I love them so much and had them installed in my home! Here’s some more goodness that comes with using honeycombs.cellular-window-blinds

The ‘top-down,bottom-up’ way

If you have nosy neighbours, the kind that really wants to gossip around and hear and see everything that’s happening in your home, then this visual barrier is about to disappoint them big time. The working principle of the cellular window blinds means exactly what you think: it can give you the amount of privacy you need while at the same time providing you with a light management option. The bottom up way means that you can raise the bottom and see what’s going on outside, while the upper part is perfectly positioned to hide the interior of your home. The top down implies the opposite – you can lower the upper part of the blinds to let the sunlight in, while the lower part of the blinds will protect the privacy of your home. They are perfect for rooms where you want your privacy but also want to have a view of the outside: bedrooms, baths and rooms facing the street.

Cords and no cords

The good thing about honeycomb blinds is that you can find them with cords and cordless. This is a great opportunity as some people have more than one treatment on a window, so multiple cords can easily get entangled. In this case, the cordless honeycombs are the perfect choice: no cords and nothing to interfere the view of your window, providing a lot cleaner look of the room. Also, cordless blinds are good if you have small kids; with no cords around, there are less chances for them to get caught up in the mess. If you still decide to have blinds with cords, and you do have kids, you can go with child-proof honeycombs.

No more cold air!

It’s easy in summer – we look for a way to cool down and the air conditioner exists to effectively give us that cool-down feeling. Probably the best thing about the cellular window blinds is that they provide a type of temperature isolation according to the season: the air is trapped inside the cells of the blinds no matter the direction it’s coming from. For example, in winter, the cold air coming in from the windows is kept in the cells and it does not enter the room, which consequently makes the room warmer. It is the opposite in summertime – the hot air is trapped in the cells which means you’ll use your air-conditioner less. This in turn implies that these blinds can easily be categorized as cost-effective on energy bills as well.

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