Designing Your Living Room for Conversation

Every good conversation starts with a well prepared cup of coffee served in a proper way on the coffee table where you and your friend would sit comfortably and just consume the positive energy this otherwise amazing ritual emits. While here, think about this: what is it about your favourite cafe that makes you want to go back for a cup of hot one and an hour of good company or even solitude? For me, it’s the ambiance – the furniture, the way every piece is arranged and how they all work with wonderful cohesion in creating a place that can give you the peace you need to reflect on your thoughts. Or daydream, why not.

Furniture coffee table

Now that spring is coming and brings along a lot of sun and positivity, I am planning on redecorating my living room. I want to achieve that same effect so when I have my friends over for coffee or a small chit-chat session, they feel comfy enough to really discuss and enjoy. Starting with furniture coffee table is the piece I decided to devote the most attention to. Afterwards, it is the colour of the walls and the decorations, and most importantly, the coffee preparation and serving kit.

While talking about furniture coffee table is important to be chosen in accordance with the entire interior design scheme. For example, if you’re leaning more towards industrial style, with a lot of vintage elements, don’t go for something made of sophisticated glass and metal legs. Instead, look for the wooden pieces – tables designed in a very unusual way that remind you of a lot of things but a table. These would be stylish and very practical at the same time. And most important, match them with something – the shelving for the TV, the sofas’ colour, the window frames. That’s how you create cohesion.

Then, change the walls. I’m going for a brick wall pattern, and since my walls weren’t designed that way, I went for the next best thing: wallpaper. A red ceramic brick wall wallpaper is just the cosiest option you can put on your walls and achieve the much wanted coffee-chat ambiance. It reminds of warmth and closeness and makes people relax and open up.

Finally, make sure you hang a picture or two on the walls. Put fresh flowers in small vases and disarm the windows from curtains and similar stuff. You want all the sunlight possible. Don’t forget the candles and the magazines. And yes, pay special attention to the coffee mugs in which you’ll serve the coffee. If your friends are coffee junkies like me, then serving them coffee in a simple unattractive mug will kill your carefully planned hospitality even before it starts.

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