Tips on How to Choose the Right Bicycle

Bicycles were invented in 1817, and since then they have liberated independent travel. What’s not to love about bikes? They are eco-friendly, provide exercise and make commuting much more enjoyable. You can use the bike in many ways and participate in many different activities with it.

Depending on what you intend to use the bike for, you’ll find many different types of bikes, and the decision to pick one might be relatively difficult. However, if you know beforehand the type of biking you will do, then the decision should be quite easy. Bicycle Australia retailers offer a variety of brands and sizes of bikes, so you will have a decent amount of options to choose from, regardless of what type of biking you are going to do.


Since it’s the bicycle Australia residents lean towards for commuting more and more in recent years, the bike you will choose has to be comfortable and the right size. The frame and wheel size are crucial for the height of the bike, and any variation of the wheel size will determine whether the bike is designed for a child, a male or a female cyclist. The seat should be able to be reduced or increased in height, as well as be leveled out or tilted backwards or forwards for maximum comfort. The adjustment is usually done with a simple adjustable spanner.

If it’s mostly for short journeys or small town rides, pick a less expensive aluminium or steel framed bikes instead of carbon. Ask friends that bike and colleagues for advice. Take them to a park and test their bikes, ask them where they got it, how much they got it for and what do they like and don’t like about their bike.


Once you take their bike for a test drive, you’ll have a general idea of what you want and what you don’t want in a bike. If you are sure cycling is for you, you can invest in a more expensive bike. Furthermore, consider the features you want your bike to have. If you are a fan of cycling during the evening, you’ll need quality lights. If you buy cheap lights, they’ll eventually break. And they always break at 10 pm, when it’s pouring, while quality bikes will last you forever.

To conclude, when choosing the right bike for yourself, you must consider your individual needs as well as the size and the look of the bike you want. Also worth considering are the parts for the bike you decide to buy, because some parts will eventually wear out and will need to be replaced.

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