The Unique Treatment Of The Upstairs-Downstairs Connection


If you own a home that has multiple levels you’ve definitely faced the challenge – What should I do with the stairs? Well, there are a few universal rules you can follow as to render your upstairs-downstairs connection stylish.

If your stairs are entirely wooden it’s better you leave them bare. This is a simple, yet perfect option for houses that have that old wooden and welcoming design, especially homes characterized by the mix of rustic and modern. However, if your stairs are not in best shape, it can be more economical if you spread a nice carpet or simply, re-paint them. Both things won’t cost you a lot, especially compared to the amount of money you could spend if you want to re-model them all over again.

Another option are fully carpeted stairs. You can pull off an amazing look with a nicely designed carpet, but you should keep in mind that this look requires more maintenance. Carpeting that’s done right can do an awesome interior design job and will definitely make your stairs stand out. A trick up the sleeve regarding stairs carpeting is choosing bold colors, that way they don’t get as much stains, which means it’s a little bit easier to maintain them. Since your stairs are a part of your house, make sure you don’t drift too far away design wise. You should also be mindful regarding the color of the carpet since it should match the rest of your home flooring.


But people want something spectacular and spectacular is possible even when it comes to stairs. If you want to feel graceful while going up or down, give your stairs a romantic, trendy look by incorporating lights for stairs that will enhance the look in that part of the house. Normally the lights for stairs are small and not too powerful, because you don’t really need that much light there, but they are the perfect glamorous detail that can help create your dreamy stairway to heaven.

If however you want something simpler around the stairs area, you can leave your stairs as they are and adorn your walls instead with a more personal touch. Pick your favorite family photographs, hang them naturally around and create a blank stairway wall filled with memories. But there’s another option as well: collect your favorite art works and give your walls a nice gallery look that will surprise and wow all your guests.

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