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The Unique Franna Cranes

The Franna cranes are the most popular pick & carry cranes in Australia and beyond. The first Franna crane was designed by Dave Francis, who created the most popular crane in Australia which is used even today for a variety of applications. The Franna cranes come without outriggers or stabilizers, because they are specifically designed […]

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Washing Trommel – The Unique Mining Machinery

Washing trommel, or trommel washer, or washing drum, is a type of screening equipment that is extensively used in the mining industry. It is a cylindrical tube that cleans a particular material (gold in most cases) by removing the unnecessary compounds. The washing trommel is most commonly used for mining applications. There are several trommel […]

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Unique Grader Attachments

Graders are machines used for various projects in different industry sectors. These machines give the final touch to a particular surface. Most commonly, the graders are used for construction and maintenance of gravel and dirt roads. In construction projects, the graders prepare the base course so that a flat and firm surface can be created. […]

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The Unique Kato Crane Possibilities

The Kato cranes are well-known for their reliability, durability and excellent performance. All cranes from Kato have a wide range of applications, thanks to their unique capabilities. Most Kato cranes weight about 50 tons and their boom is about 50 meters long. The Kato cranes are considered as some of the finest on the market, […]

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A Simadozer Blade – The Unique Komatsu Bulldozer Attachment

Komatsu is known for its huge efforts to produce the most innovative machines and attachments on the world-wide market. Given the fact that Komatsu design and produces high quality bulldozers, there are no doubts about the quality of the blade design for its 449 horsepower bulldozer – the D275AX-5 “Sigmadozer”. This bulldozer blade significantly improves […]

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