The Truck Crane Will Take You To All The Unique Places Where Other Vehicles Can’t

The truck cranes, also known as truck-mounted cranes, are powerful and useful machines that can be used in various industry sectors like: construction, forestry, mining, transportation and other. These machines are used every time when a portable lifting solution is needed regardless of the job site. There are different kinds of truck cranes on the market, and every type has unique specifications and configurations. However, the main design is the same in every truck crane – a crane part attached on a special truck vehicle.


The truck cranes are heavily used in the construction industry, because these cranes have the capability to reach and access places where other cranes and construction machines can’t. These machines are used for completing construction tasks when the necessary infrastructure isn’t there. The truck cranes provide one important benefit that other crane types do not – completing a construction task where the access looks nearly impossible.

Other benefits that make truck cranes some of the most effective machines are:

  • Compact design and equipment that can load, unload and move different kinds of heavy items and materials
  • Capability to move and work over rough and difficult terrains, various fields and marshy areas
  • Fast work and ability to reach anywhere with fully rotational boom

The truck cranes are categorized in the group of straight boom wire rope cranes. The straight boom of the truck cranes allows round movements during the lifting operations. These movements make the decision making process much easier. Truck cranes have been identified as highly efficient machines for placing and lifting different kinds of loads accurately where and when they are needed. The extension and the retraction of the boom is achieved by hydraulic cylinders which are located inside the boom instead on the outside. This way, no pollution, dust or other harmful substances can affect the hydraulic components of the truck cranes.

Most truck cranes are designed with heavy duty winch that has the capability to completely absorb the weight of the load that is being lifted and moved where needed. With such winch system, less stress is transferred to the hydraulic cylinders. As a result, the life and the performance of the truck crane and its components is greatly improved. Furthermore, the wire rope system in the truck cranes allows easy and efficient movement of different materials to various heights, bellow the ground level and over walls. The truck cranes can lift and move items in a straight linear movement, ensuring safe handling of different loads, even fragile items like delicate material, glass materials and other special machines.

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