Unique Tips To Help Your Kid Sleep Better


Usually, trouble falling ans staying asleep is not just an adult problem. Children have trouble falling asleep as well. And this means sleepless night for parents. Getting uninterested child to fall asleep is not always easy. Bedtime can become a real battle when your kids do not want go to bed on time. To avoid this, here are some tips that can really help you ensure your kids sleep better.

  • Set A Wake-Up Time – Generally, kids need to sleep between 9 and 12 hours a night. Find out how much sleep your kid needs in order to feel energized the next day and set up a daily wake-up time.
  • Make A Bedtime Routine – Certain bedtime routine is maybe one of the most important things you can do for every child regardless of the age. Doing the same things before going to bed like bath, putting on favorite kids pyjamas and telling a story, are signals that tell your child it is time to go to bed. Knowing that after putting on favorite kids pyjamas it’s time to sleep, makes you and your kid comfortable and relaxed. This is crucial if you want to have a peaceful and relaxed bedtime atmosphere. Usually, after a while your child will put on favorite kids pyjamas on his/her own and go to bed alone, without your help. This will additionally make him/her feel more confident.
  • Turn Off The TV Two Hours Before Bedtime – Many studies have shown that light coming from the TV can interfere with the production of the melatonin hormone, which is important for the sleep-wake cycle. When this hormone is at its highest, we feel sleepy and ready to go to bed. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes of TV before bed can mess up with your child’s sleep.
  • Create Relaxed Sleep Time Environment – Turn off the lights, put on his/her favorite kids pyjamas and leave only his/her favorite stuffed toy. It is proved that stuffed animals are kids’ best friends, but more than one friend in your child’s bed is a recipe for sleepless night. Thus, remove all the unnecessary things and toys and turn off the lights.
  • Comfortable Kids Pyjamas – The style, design and quality of your kids pyjamas is also another key factor to better sleep. Most parents when browsing kids pyjamas Australia online retailers are mostly concerned with the price and design of the kids lyjamas. But, the style and the quality of kids pyjamas is what matter most. For example 2-piece kids pyjamas are far more better and comfortable than one piece models (of course, depending on kid’s age). Also, the material kids pyjamas are made of is crucial for ensuring comfort. That’s why cotton, preferably organic kids pyjamas are recommended. These kids pyjamas allow child’s skin to breath, are very soft and will not cause any skin irritation or allergy. Thus, when browsing kids pyjamas Australia online kids stores, make sure you choose kids pyjamas that are most comfortable.
  • Keep It Cool – The sleep cycle of your child does not only depend on light, but on temperature as well. The melatonin hormone helps regulate the internal body temperature, but you can also help regulate room temperature. Keep in mind that cooler room temperature is always better to promote deep and good sleep.

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