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Glowpear Unique Planter Give You The Opportunity To Make the Garden ‘Yours’

I’m super busy but also a huge lover of plants (growing herbs to be precise), which to be honest do not go hand in hand. While planting is not an issue for me, watering certainly is. In the 5 years since I moved out of my parents’ house, I killed more than 2 dozen plants. […]

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Window Cleaning For Unique And Advanced Stains

Do you live in a home with special window designs, a hard-reaching indoor décor, or maybe your shower doors are one of those types that even the most expensive cleaning products can not remove the stains from? Cleaning your windows can be a time-consuming, difficult and potentially dangerous task. Plus, it is a rather boring […]

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Wallpapers For Kids Bedrooms And Nursery Décor Ideas

If you enjoy decorating your home, then you know just how fun decorating a nursery or a kids’ bedroom can turn out to be. As with our style when it comes to clothing, a home’s style can speak volumes about a person. This goes for a child’s bedroom as well, which can differ greatly, be […]

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Unique Lighting Fixture: Take Your Home From Ordinary To Extraordinary


You too, just like the majority of homeowners in Australia, most likely have a demanding 9-to-5 job, plus extracurricular home-related activities such as cooking dinner, doing the laundry, etc. This of course, does not include spending quality time with family; it seems family-bonding has become a luxury. Also, the long ‘chore and tasks’ list makes […]

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Unique Design Features of Residential Mailboxes

Choosing the right mailbox for your house can get a bit confusing. It can be a challenge to choose the right one if you don’t know what you should look for. Mailboxes usually come in a variety of shapes and types including post mounted, stand and wall mounted. Every mailbox is different so you need […]

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