7 Occasional Chairs for All Occasions

Since picking the right furniture for your home is same as picking the right clothes and accessories, it is quite a personal matter. What works for some people does not work for others. This is why pieces of furniture have their own stories to tell. Hence, choosing the ones for your interior is a somewhat special occasion, more so because the style of our household (as much as our clothing style) can speak a great deal about our personalities.

Visitors are able to pick up on our individuality simply by looking at our styles. This is why there are so many kinds of furniture to choose from, to represent all tastes. When trying to bring out our best, we tend to indulge in overspending on art, wall decorations and lighting, however there is one piece of furniture that can actually bring out more personality, save you money and is fit for every occasion: the occasional chair.

As the name suggests, this type of chair is ideal for any occasion and any room for that matter. Based on this and the many types of occasional chairs you will come across, it is important to find the ideal one for you that would be the perfect accessory to every room you have and accompany every event you organise.

1. Elegance and sophistication

For all the sentimental individuals, nostalgic about the bygone eras with the French aristocratic splendour, the Tufted Wingback occasional chair with its luxurious flair will give your home the warmth and finesse you so long for.

2. Baroque exquisiteness

If you have more vintage-oriented preferences and already own a few vintage items then you cannot do without the Co-Op Pink Upholstered Armchair. This occasional chair with its intricate fabric and oak construction will add some more vividness to your life.

Occasional Chair 1

3. Rocking serenity

With the unique design, rocking chairs are multifunctional since they can both work as occasional chairs and as replacement for a bed or sofa when you prefer rocking yourself or your kids to sleep. This old creation was modernised with the Eames RAR Rocker’s moulded plastic shell and Eiffel base construction, so it might be just what your home is missing.

4. Natural touch

Following the latest trend of designers placing more importance on natural materials, you cannot go wrong by picking the Versailles Armchair Mahogany.

5. Shape craze

For more modern styled homes where lots of designs are blended in to get an artistic look, the edgy shape of an abstract chair will make a perfect fit for every corner.

6. Scandinavian pizzazz

Homes in the Scandinavian styles require the distinctiveness of the Swan Chair Premium Leather. This Danish 20th century innovation redesigned with fiberglass shell and stainless steel base is made for all kinds of occasions.

Occasional Chair 2

7. Minimalist heaven

With minimalism gaining popularity in the last few years, it is important to incorporate sleek pieces of furniture and still keep visual clutter (and all clutter for that matter) away. The simplicity and uniqueness of the Hara Chair make it the dream piece of every contemporary designed household.

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