Window Cleaning For Unique And Advanced Stains

Do you live in a home with special window designs, a hard-reaching indoor décor, or maybe your shower doors are one of those types that even the most expensive cleaning products can not remove the stains from? Cleaning your windows can be a time-consuming, difficult and potentially dangerous task. Plus, it is a rather boring and daunting thing to do. So, if you are looking for a way to clean your windows faster and easier, take a look at my simple window cleaning tips that you will surely find helpful.


  • It is recommendable that you clean your windows twice a year, ideally in spring time and fall;
  • The type of windows you have will determine what type of cleaning equipment and window cleaning products you need;
  • Some types of glass can be easily cleaned with just water and soap while others require using special window cleaning products;
  • Large-size panes can be easily cleaned with a window cleaning detergent and a squeegee; at the end you can finish cleaning all the details with a clean cloth to remove the streaks. On the other hand, small panes and stained or leaded glass are best cleaned with a specialized window cleaning cloth and plain water;
  • Avoid extra cleaning by not sticking or taping anything to your windows;

But beside the afore mentioned tips, sometimes cleaning your windows can be a rather frustrating job; it can be pretty tricky to realize on which side of the glass are all those streaks, plus getting rid of them can take you some time. Therefore, to deal with all these mundane problems, you have to have the right tools and cleaning solutions.


  • The right cloth – Microfiber cloths will effectively clean your windows. Special wood rags are also a good option for glass. Make sure you stay away from cotton towels as they leave lint on the glass, spoiling the beautiful and sparkling finish you are trying so hard to achieve.
  • Chemicals – There is a wide range of different chemicals that can be used for window cleaning. Spray products are very effective, they clean fast and do not require any special mixing. However, if you what to go with a natural alternative, use water and vinegar as a cleaning solution.
  • Extendable cleaners – Cleaning the inside of windows is easy, but cleaning the outside can be quite a challenge. For this purpose, look for special tools that feature telescoping handles. With the squeegee on one side and the soft scrubber on the other one, these tools come very handy for outside cleaning.

If you have equipped yourself with all required equipment for cleaning, you can start with the project. Following these simple steps, you should get rid of even the most advanced and unique stains in no time, thus make your windows shine bright again. A couple of other things to bear in mind:

  • Consider the weather – Make sure you schedule your window cleaning for an overcast day. This is important since the heat of the sun can make the liquid cleaner dry too fast, causing streaking.
  • Dry-clean the windows – Using a clean cloth or a soft-bristle, clean the dry surface of the window. Tackle dust, dirt and cobwebs before getting wetting the window.
  • Tackle the dirt – Using a cloth or sponge, wet the window and rub away the dirt. Make sure you are not drenching the window glass.
  • Squeegee hints – Squeegee the window by first wetting the blade. Starting at an upper corner, draw the squeegee down in a straight stroke, wipe the blade with a cloth and repeat this until you wipe the entire window.
  • The final step – For window frames, use only non-ammoniated cleaner. Use a damp cloth to clean the frames and then immediately rinse them with a dry, clean cloth.

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