Unique Ways To Keep Your Warranty Valid


If you have your own car, you surely now that it is crucial to have a regular car service in order to ensure safe operation, reliability and economical performance. Beside the regular car service, you must have a reliable and neat log book service.

A log book service is a complex service that checks your vehicle the same way the manufacturer would. A log book service is great and extremely important especially for new vehicle owners and those who are covered by a new vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. In order to have a regular and reliable log book servicing in Melbourne, you do not have to go to your vehicle manufacturer. The log book servicing in Melbourne can be done at any licensed mechanic because he is the only one who can provide you with licensed logbook service.

A licensed and authorized logbook servicing in Melbourne performed by an experienced car mechanic will conduct a professional logbook servicing as specified by the manufacturer. By using the services of a licensed log book servicing in Melbourne, you will get accurate and up-to-date services so your log book service will be done with current vehicle information. This means that nothing will be left to chance and nothing will be serviced or replaced unnecessarily. In order to keep your vehicle’s warranty valid, you need to pay attention to some of the following things.

  • Use Only Genuine Parts – If your car needs a repair and part replacement, in order to keep your warranty valid, it is required that you use only genuine parts. This is because your car is designed to run with certain type of parts, so if you use low-quality ones, the chances of poor car performance are greater. Therefore, it is advisable to use only genuine parts designed for your vehicle.
  • Get Qualified Servicing – Another great way to keep your vehicle’s warranty valid is to take your vehicle to a car and log book servicing in Melbourne at a licensed car mechanic.

Keep in mind that many dealerships will try to get your servicing done through them, but you are free to take your car anywhere you want as long as the shop is authorized and licensed to conduct a logbook service.

  • Use The Right Fuel – Every car is designed to run on certain type of fuel. In order to keep the warranty valid, you need to provide the right type of petrol otherwise, you can undermine your warranty protection.
  • Read The Warranty – Every car warranty is different. To ensure your warranty stays valid, you need to read it and understand all the details specified. Considering the fact that your car is a big investment, you surely do not want to do something wrong and loose your warranty. Thus, read it, understand it and take your car to a reliable log book servicing Melbourne workshop for a licensed and professional servicing.

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