Unique Reasons Your Car Loses Power

Your Car Loses Power

Is your vehicle not performing as usual? If you feel that the horses under your hood are losing power, then you surely have a serious power problem. Nowadays, the complex fuel systems have conquered the old ones. However, the new complex systems are not resistant to faults, thus the same old rule applies to both systems – every car needs air to breathe and fuel to burn. Identifying a power problem is not as easy as you may think. This requires patience and professionalism, however, there are some signs that indicate the loss of power.

  • Fuel Injection Malfunctions – If your car loses power when you press on the pedal, you are surely facing a fuel system malfunction. You could be looking at a leaking fuel line, clogged injector, kaput fuel pump or gummed-up filter. Fuel injectors are electronically controlled valves which give the machine enough pressurized fuel. They are specially designed small pieces of equipment that must be clean always because even the smallest thing can clog them. If the fuel injectors get clogged, it will cause poor vehicle performance. They can cause the vehicle to misfire and can give you a poor emission rating, which can cost you a lot.

    To avoid such scenario, take your car regularly to a fuel injection service Knoxfield auto shop. Only this way you can ensure that your car will run smoothly. A professional fuel injection Knoxfield mechanic can check, maintain and clear the fuel injectors properly. Therefore, if you notice that you car loses power, immediately take it to a reliable and reputable fuel injection service Knoxfield workshop. Its skilled and well trained fuel injection Knoxfield mechanics with the help of the latest equipment will perform the fuel injection cleaning.

  • Smoke Signals – A smoking or backfiring exhaust can either mean too little spark or too much fuel. Both can cause the loss of power in your car. A backfire happens when the fuel-air mixture does not ignite completely in the combustion chamber and pops off somewhere else in the system. The black smoke coming from the tailpipe is an indicator of spark problems, which can seriously damage your engine. So, if you notice any of these two problems, have your car inspected immediately at a reputable car repair Knoxfield workshop. In case you do not know any reliable car repair Knoxfield shops, ask around or research on the Internet for reputable and trustworthy car repairs Konxfield mechanics.
  • Engine Tremble – Does your car tremble harder than usual when you drive and does it lose power? If so, you can blame the misfiring cylinders. When a misfire is the main problem for your car shaking, soon other problems will surface such as trouble starting, bad gas mileage and stalling during idle. Usually, engine misfires because of a spark loss, air to fuel ratio and lost compression. If you notice shaking problems, the best thing is to take your car to your car repair Knoxfield mechanic who will, with the help of a diagnostic scanner can find the problem and resolve it quickly.
  • Clogged Fuel Filter – Does your vehicle struggle or cut out? If so, this is a sign of a clogged fuel filter. Since the filter eliminates gunk from fuel, it gets dirty and the fuel pump starts to work harder. Have your car checked out right away in a reliable car repairs Knoxfield mechanic shop to prevent costly repairs.

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