Coonawarra Wine Region – Australia’s Most Unique Wine-Producing District

Coonawarra wine region is considered as one of the most popular grape growing regions in Australia located 380km south-east of Adelaide. Known for its Cabernet Sauvignon, the success of Coonawarra wines is the unique and rich soil, limestone base, adequate underground water and cooler temperatures. These factors together make ideal growing conditions for the exquisite Coonawarra wines. The great Coonawarra wine region climate that is very similar to the Bordeaux, is why all types of red Coonawarra wines have similar intense characteristics, deep colours and soft tannins.


The first vines in Coonawarra were planted in 1890 and despite its small size, nowadays Coonawarra wine region produces and sells some of the most tasty wines in Australia. Due to its exceptional and savory taste, Coonawarra wine is the most sold and widespread wine worldwide. Have a look at the most popular Coonawarra wines.

  • Balnaves Cabernet Sauvignon – Balnaves Cabernet Sauvignon is incredible deep and rich red Coonawarra wine with 14.5% alcohol. It is full of liquorice, cassis and blue berry notes, with fine and elegant palate, complemented with ripe cassis seaweed fruit and amazing tannin finish.You can find this incredible Coonawarra wine in every reliable and reputable online store, specialized in selling wines from different regions and countries.
  • Di Giorgio Coonawarra Blanc De Blanc – The Blanc De Blanc Coonawarra wine is incredible sparkling wine, 100% Chardonnay, perfect for celebrating special moments. It has pale to golden color and a citrus and baked apple aroma with a hint of freshly baked bread. Di Giorgio Coonawarra wine is perfect for any family celebrations or reunions with friends.
  • Di Giorgio Coonawarra Chardonnay – This Coonawarra wine comes from the Chardonnay variety, with lemon, elderflower, roasted nut and cinnamon aromas. It has a sophisticated layered palate, showing nectarine and white peach flavors with hints of biscuit nougat and spicy oak.

These are just some of the most unique Coonawarraa wines in Australia. For more, find a reputable and available online store and buy the one that meets your needs.

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