Glowpear Unique Planter Give You The Opportunity To Make the Garden ‘Yours’

I’m super busy but also a huge lover of plants (growing herbs to be precise), which to be honest do not go hand in hand. While planting is not an issue for me, watering certainly is. In the 5 years since I moved out of my parents’ house, I killed more than 2 dozen plants. I know how it sounds, but do not judge me, my superhero-saving-the-world schedule simply leaves me little or should I say, no time for taking proper care of my balcony garden.


And just when I was about to throw in the towel, the girl working at my favourite coffee shop gives me a tip – self watering planters. What!? They actually make stuff like that? And why haven’t I heard about it before? Anyway, long story short, she tells me about Glowpear urban garden self-watering planters, the rest is history.

I searched them online and discovered that Glowpear is an Australian brand that designs innovative self-watering planters, specially designed for growing plants in urban environments. They feature an internal water reservoir and an ingenious wicking system that means plants can survive for several weeks without watering. Just what I needed. All I have to do is fill the reservoir with water every one to four weeks depending on the environment. Now, that’s what I call “convenient”.


I personally love their urban garden self-watering planter which is perfect for my tiny balcony (but with a grand view :D). It allows me to grow a wide range of fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers in the urban environment with the flexibility to compliment my lifestyle. As you may know, balconies require a clever management to make sure they remain functional and look great. With the urban garden self-watering planter I got to grow my plants and do all the other fun stuff as well like BBQs and entertaining. When it comes to maintenance, all I have to do is clean the plastic surface of my planter by hand with soap and warm water. For removing hard-to-lift stains, I use the 1/3 bleach and 2/3 water solution.

Glowpear also has a Café Planter in acetylated pine, which features lockable castors and can be effortlessly wheeled from one place to another to divide outdoor spaces when needed or to optimize a sunny aspect. The self-watering planters are perfect for any patio or courtyard for that matter. With more room than balconies, courtyards usually provide a mixture of shade and light at ground level. With a self watering planter no need to worry whether your plants will survive or not. For such large spaces, you have the option to interconnect your planters in various ways such as to form a continuous boundary or be spaced to span large distances.

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