Wallpapers For Kids Bedrooms And Nursery Décor Ideas

If you enjoy decorating your home, then you know just how fun decorating a nursery or a kids’ bedroom can turn out to be. As with our style when it comes to clothing, a home’s style can speak volumes about a person. This goes for a child’s bedroom as well, which can differ greatly, be it because of social backgrounds or taste. A child’s own room is a child’s own corner of expression. Unlike other rooms, a bedroom is the place that is not frequently exposed to guests’ eyes so its decorating is only meant for the person it belongs to, and we might say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” fits here. This is why there is not a right or wrong manner of decorating a room.

wallpapers kids ideas


From the much desired and popular gender-based styles in the last few decades, kids’ bedrooms have gone a long way. Now, you may or may not be aware, but wallpapers are important to the point of dictating the style of the bedroom. When you decide to add some changes to your kids’ bedroom, make sure you ask for their ideas, because after all they are the ones whose rooms we are talking about. They can help you a great deal when choosing the wallpaper for instance, and save you time on planning it all by yourself. Once you have the wallpaper, you get a clue of which direction styling will go. Since there are many varieties of wallpapers for kids bedrooms to pick from, your kids’ bedrooms will be anything they want them to be.

If it is a nursery you are preparing, there are many gender-neutral wallpapers for kids bedrooms if you want to avoid the typical blue or pink patterns. Once you have the wallpaper you want, you can decide on the colour and design of the furniture and details (such as crib, lights, rugs, curtains). With all of the subtle patterns and accentuation of colours, you could decorate a nursery which would later turn into a nice bedroom with no need for changing even after kids grow up.

Knowing how much kids love doodling just about anywhere, there are many washable wallpapers to be found nowadays, luckily. Whenever that happened in the past, parents had to either paint walls all over or change wallpapers. Latest patterns make walls seem as vast canvas and offer kids the possibility to colour and draw on them, which makes them feel they contribute to the décor and gives them the freedom to bring out their creativity. With such wallpapers for kids bedrooms, the possibilities are endless and kids could have different walls every day, based on their inspiration.

Themed wallpapers take bedroom decoration to another level. Themes with Superman, Frozen, sports or cartoon patterns, they all give your child has the chance to live in the land of dreams. This may not be the best option though, if your child is known for frequent changes of mind, because sooner or later there will be another favourite hero so you would find yourself in the situation of altering the look of the room more often than not.

With busy patterned wallpapers, it is best to have less furniture in the bedroom, otherwise it would be too much to look at. Vice versa, with subtle wallpapers, you can easily add more furniture pieces without the worry of ending up with an eyesore room. Mind you, matching the colours is essential. Planning kids’ bedrooms gives parents the opportunity to unleash their inner child and make their kids’ sleep time even more comfortable and enjoyable.

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