Yoga Mats: Ways to Choose Without Regrets

Probably the best explanation of what the goal of yoga is would be: “liberation of all the worldly suffering”. That would be the spiritual side of yoga, as perceived by Eastern cultures. The benefits of it however, don’t stop there. Just look at model Gisele Bundchen; perfectly sculptured long legs, a body to die for and a traffic-stopping overall appearance. Think that’s all Mother Nature’s piece of art? Not quite. It’s partly thanks to devotedly training yoga every day.

Yoga Mats Australia Online

The basic five principles of yoga include proper exercising and proper diet among the other things, which all yoga practitioners are aware of. And the element you can’t go without, is most certainly the yoga mat. To be honest, you can do basic yoga poses anywhere and without any mat, but that’s totally not the point of the overall experience; you should be completely devoted to performing yoga with all your mind and heart. And you’re not going to be able to do that if you don’t own the proper yoga mat. So, start searching for yoga mats Australia online retailers and order yours ASAP! So, if you’re new to the whole yoga experience, here are a few guidelines for browsing yoga mats Australia online offers.

Eco-friendly or regular?

An Eco-friendly mat would be PVC free, and made from rubber or jute – materials that are considered natural, or plant-based. This will be stated on the mat’s packaging, or the yoga accessories Australia web site you’re purchasing from. It’s preferable to go with an eco-friendly mat, although they may be slightly rougher than a PVC ones.

Characteristics of a good yoga mat

There are mainly 4 characteristics of a good, quality yoga mat you should pay attention to when searching through yoga equipment Sydney stores:

  • Thickness – even though thinner mats are more portable and therefore more popular because of it, go for a thicker one. The point of the mat isn’t to be easily portable, but to provide you with a comfortable surface for doing various exercises.
  • Grip – first things first; you need your entire concentration on disposal when performing yoga poses. That means, you shouldn’t be thinking whether you’re going to slip or slide because your mat isn’t in its place. There should be enough grip between you and the mat and between the mat and the floor.
  • Texture – friction is a big deal when it comes to choosing the right yoga mat. Basically, if you sweat a lot, friction will pose a problem. So, between the two options – a completely smooth mat and a ridged one – choose the one that will provide you with more traction if you sweat.
  • Materials – the most common option on the market is the vinyl or PVC mat, which is great because it’s a very durable one. Other materials used are rubber, jute and cotton, and they all have their own advantages; jute and rubber are sturdier and Eco-friendly, while cotton is perfect for people who tend to sweat a lot.

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