Unique Ways To Freshen Up Antiques Furniture

Antiques Furniture Restoration

Having an antique furniture in your home is a great thing. Antique furniture can revive your home, bring fresh and luxury touch, but with time your antique furniture will obtain a layer of grime on its surface. Instead of throwing it into the basement, there are some unique ways that can help you return the shiny old and classic look. Combining modern and antique furniture is the latest trend these days, so think carefully before throwing this valuable item. With our unique tips, you can return the shiny look and the beauty of your antique furniture. Have a look at some of them:

  • Antique Furniture Restoration – Using professional antique furniture restoration services is the best way to clean your furniture without damaging it. A reputable and experienced antique furniture restoration company has professionals who are well-trained and experienced. They will do everything in their power to return the beauty of your antique furniture. Antique furniture restoration will bring back the life of your forgotten furniture, and will return the classy unique and elegant touch in your home. The antique furniture restoration services are the best way to clean your furniture without paying to much for it. Before choosing an antique furniture restoration company, consult with someone close or do an online research in order to find well-trained professionals that can perform excellent restoration services.
  • Lemon Oil – Another unique way to clean your antique furniture is to use lemon oil. If you have the experience and the skills to clean your old furniture, do not hesitate and try this technique. Clean your furniture form the accumulated dust and dirt by poring some lemon oil over the surface and leave it for one night to soak in. The next morning simply wipe it with a clean cloth and easily remove what is left on the surface.
  • Home Supplies – You can also bring back the life of your antique furniture with the help of some home supplies. All you need to do is to mix same amounts of linseed oil, vinegar and turpentine oil. Linseed oil works as deep cleaning solution because it soaks deeply into the wood, the turpentine oil will remove all the marks, while the vinegar will clean your furniture from the dirt and smoke.

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