Unique Jobs That Can Be Done With An Excavator

An excavator is a powerful piece of machinery, capable to perform difficult construction tasks. It comes with a boom, a cabin, a stick and a bucket. The excavators can be on wheels or on tracks, and they are excellent performers. It is known that the excavators are ideal machines for digging applications, but their usage on the job site is much wider. When the excavators are equipped with the right attachments, they can be used for many actions on the job site. Here are some unique jobs that can be performed with the excavators.


Demolition Work – The excavators are excellent machines for demolition works. With a specific attachment known as concrete breaker, the excavators are capable to efficiently break concrete on driveways, sidewalks, paths, pools and other areas.

Clearing And Loading – As it is well-known, the excavators can be used for removing various obstacles which can be found on areas that are being prepared for building. Fallen trees, debris and similar obstacles can be easily removed with excavators. These machines can grab, drag and pull different kinds of material. Additionally, the excavators can be equipped with extendable arms in order to gain additional 75 meters of outreach.

Compacting – When mounted on a plate compactor and with a packer wheel attachment, the excavators can be used for compressing soil. This way, the excavators eliminate the need for hand-operated compactors.

Hardscaping – For hardscaping a patio or a driveway, excavators with rotating grapples can do excellent job. With proper attachments, the excavators are very flexible and allow the operators to dig holes, load or unload different kinds of materials, move pavers etc. For handling timbers, tined grapples might be a great solution.

Grading – Excavators with angle blades can be used as leveling machines. Grading is also another area where the excavators deliver excellent results. Angle blades are required for grading and back-filling applications, as they can quickly and easily cut dirt, rock and other similar obstacles.

Trenching – With a trencher attachment, the excavators can be transformed into efficient and productive twin-capacity machines for utility system installation. Also, they can be equipped with a trenching bucket in order to provide a quick pre-cut solution for loosing stuck soil.

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