Embark On Unique Journey Of Relentless Love With ‘Kisses From Katie’ Book

She made the entire world hear about her. She is known as the homecoming queen of America (or at least in Brentwood, Tennessee). She is a true hero, a hero of faith. She is the author of the bestseller Kisses from Katie. She is Katie Davis, a young girl who shook the whole world with her real life experience.


At the age of 18, Katie found herself at the major crossroad of her life. Instead of choosing the road that normally every American girl her same age would have done, she decided to walk down the road that has completely changed her life. 18 year-old Katie Davis decided to simply give up her American dream and instead of going to college, she chose to go to Uganda and take care of people there.

But this decision was not a spur of a moment. Katie has been a part of a 3-week mission trip to Uganda during her high school senior year Christmas break. She saw so many people and children suffering, it broke her heart and decided her faith. Being the home-coming queen and president of her class, Katie could just name a college and go anywhere she please. But she says NO to all of this and decides to go back to Uganda for another year. She knows she has a bigger calling God has intended for her – to help people in Uganda.

God changed Katie’s heart during her stay in Uganda, and soon a 1-year mission became her life mission. She believed that it is God who has chosen her to help all the poor and innocent kids from Uganda. Guided by the faith in God, Katie provided help and care for people and children in Uganda. And still does. She constantly relies on God to give her strength to carry on, especially today since she is a mother to 14 children. It is the motherhood that has everyone talking and admiring Katie.

Katie’s ‘adoption story’ started during her second stay there, when a house tumbled down and under the ruins there was a little girl. The little girl survived, but she and her sister lost their only home. Because they didn’t have parents, Katie decided to give them a home until they were found foster parents. Three days later the little one calls Katie “mommy”, which was the deciding moment in Katie’s life. She decided to adopt the little girl and her sibling and has made her mission her life. Today, at the age of 22, Katie Davis is a mother of 14 kids.

In her book ‘Kisses from Katie’, she talks about this life-changing experience in detail. ‘Kisses from Katie’ is really a touching and inspiring book everyone should read.

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