Father Of Lights – A Documentary Of Some Of The Most Unique Supernatural Encounters

Father of Lights is a documentary directed by Daren Wilson, who is known for his work on finding God in unusual places, and seeing the power of God. This documentary is third in a row of Darren Wilson’s work. Previously he had directed movies Finger of God (2007) and Furious Love (2010). In the first movie, Finger of God, Darren Wilson began his amazing journey, traveling around the world from China to Eastern Europe. In the second movie, Furious Love, the journey continues, but this time Wilson explores the New Age, Witchcraft.


In Father of Lights, Daren Wilson visits unusual places and follows unusual people in China, USA, Israel and India in order to document the stories of believers, the miracles they have encountered, as well as visions and some supernatural occurrences. In Father of Lights, Wilson portraits the character of God through examples from the modern day living. The movie begins with Ravi from India, who calls God with the name “Daddy”. Usually in their spiritual stories, the unusual people with whom Wilson and his team speak, give answer of spiritual questions such as: who is God? What do you know about the nature of his character? Who he truly is? We see evangelists from these countries and see how they respond when they meet a certain person just because God told them to do so.

Father of Lights is about the unusual spiritual stories of people from all around the world. This powerful documentary points out how wondrous is the love of God to the people they have met on their journey around the globe. The film is about powerful stories that show how big the love of God is to all of us and how we can let the shine of our Father into us. No light means there can only be darkness. Every Christian who want’s to be a witness to some of the most unique supernatural encounters, must watch Father of Lights.

This Wilson’s adventure is not only exciting, but spiritually thought-provoking as well. Get ready to experience the impossible. If you are ready to meet your maker, and learn the truth which is “that He is the most loving, compassionate, and wonderful Father you can imagine.”, watch the movie today.

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