Hypnotherapy – A Unique And Effective Way To Quit Smoking For Good

A true and undeniable fact is that smoking is one of the worst habits of the 21st century. Statistic numbers show that the majority of the population dies from smoking-related diseases. We can see many products and treatments for smoking cessation, from anti-smoking pills to food supplements, e-cigarettes and countless others, but it seems like none is efficient enough to help smokers quit cigarettes forever.

Quit Smoking

So, what makes it so difficult for smokers, especially for the heavy ones, to stop smoking? According to doctors, the nicotine, which is the main tobacco ingredient, is highly-addictive substance that causes both physical and psychological addiction. The longer you smoke, the harder it is to quit this bad habit. This is why the modern medicine is continuously developing new ways to help smokers ditch the habit for good. One of the more effective treatments that has shown positive results lately is hypnotherapy.

Main purpose of hypnotherapy to quit smoking, is to reprogram the unconscious mind and not allow it to overpower the conscious mind. Since human mind consists of two parts, the conscious and unconscious mind, hypnotherapy aims at the unconscious mind. This is because it is the unconscious mind that in some sense does not allow smokers to quit the habit. We’ve all heard excuses such as: “Smoking relaxes me when I am under a lot of stress”, “ Smoking makes me more effective in my work”, “I cannot imagine having my coffee without lighting a cigarette”. These are just some of the more common thoughts of smokers’ unconscious mind.

Why choose hypnotherapy to quit smoking?

There are lot of different strategies professional hypnotherapist may use and all of the suggestions are addressed to the smoker’s brain to make it aware of :

  • The Hazardous Consequences And Risks Of Smoking;
  • The Beliefs That The Smoker Is Able And Strong Enough To Say “NO” To Cigarettes;
  • The Benefits Of Being A Non-Smoker.

In other words, the main objective of the hypnotherapy is to ‘force’ your unconscious mind accept the thoughts and fears of the conscious one. Usually, the smoker has to undergo several treatments of hypnotherapy to quit smoking for good, which is the ultimate goal of this treatment.

If you are one of those who still has trouble quitting smoking, try hypnotherapy, since it has been proven to be one of the most effective solutions for this and many other life-threatening addictions.

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