Hypnosis – Unique Smoking Cessation Treatment

For a smoker, quitting the nasty habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes is one of the toughest challenges in life. Sooner or later, all smokers try to quit smoking to protect their health while they still can. But this harmful addiction is really difficult to give up and not all people succeed. Most smokers who try to quit smoking are so determined to fight this addiction that they are willing to try anything. But, what works for you may not work for another smoker.


Do you really think that you’ve tried all smoking cessation treatments? You have probably tried every popular quit smoking treatment, from nicotine patches and nicotine gums to counseling and prescription medications, yet no results. If so, you haven’t tried all methods yet. Have you heard about the latest and most unique smoking cessation treatment that has every smoker in Melbourne talking about– quit smoking hypnosis? The stop smoking hypnosis Melbourne experts state that hypnotherapy has recently become very popular due to the fact that it involves no pain, no medications and is relatively inexpensive.

As you know, hypnosis is an altered state of awareness (consciousness) where a patient is put into a deep sleep state or trance. Hypnotherapy is very commonly used as a treatment of various physiological and physical problems as it has showed successful results. It is used to help people fight stress, pain, speech disorders, weight issues and different addictions. However, there are many people questioning the efficiency of hypnosis in general, especially as a treatment to quit smoking.

All stop smoking hypnosis Melbourne hypnotherapists work in a similar way. Once patient is in a deep state of relaxation, the hypnotherapist takes ‘advantage’ of it to provide the patient with suggestions to give up smoking. Many people debate how is this possible when you are unconscious, while the truth is you are not really. During hypnosis, you are aware of your surroundings and you are more willing to accept suggestions. The principle of stop smoking hypnosis is to replace the unhealthy thoughts with the positive ones and to change your perspective on smoking.

Some stop smoking hypnosis Melbourne hypnotherapists ask their patients to tell them all they know about the unpleasant aspects of smoking. Their idea is to make you understand some important reasons why smoking is harmful, such as poisoning the body, bad breath, shorter life, etc. And since hypnosis does not involve medications, it is definitely a stop smoking treatment worth trying. The only risk of hypnosis are created false memories based on your hypnotherapist suggestions.

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