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Unique Indoor Décor with the Help of a Chandelier

Have you ever wondered what makes ballrooms look so extravagant? The answer is placed on the ceiling; you guessed it, the chandelier. Imagine the ballrooms mentioned in books, envisioning the one of The Phantom of the Opera; okay, not a falling one though (giggles). Even if the surroundings aren’t that grandiose, the chandelier gives a […]

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Unique Summer Days with Above-Ground Swimming Pools

I’m not ready to say bye to summer yet, are you? Okay, let’s not get nostalgic beforehand, there are still some days left of March that we can officially call summer, but warm days certainly aren’t behind us so there’s still a chance to enjoy the beauty of what the sun has to offer and […]

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The Unique Treatment Of The Upstairs-Downstairs Connection

If you own a home that has multiple levels you’ve definitely faced the challenge – What should I do with the stairs? Well, there are a few universal rules you can follow as to render your upstairs-downstairs connection stylish. If your stairs are entirely wooden it’s better you leave them bare. This is a simple, […]

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The Key Ingredient for a Uniquely Beautiful Lawn

grass in garden

If you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it’s time for a change. You can always change how your yard looks, all you need to do is equip yourself with the right gardening supplies, put the effort and watch it thrive. Challenge accepted? Hell yeah. Introducing – the magic […]

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If Unique Is What You Want to Define Your Design – This is Your Guide

modern chair

Finally moved out of your parents’ and are thrilled to live alone? However liberating, the prospect of moving in all by yourself can be also daunting for a young person. So many options and decisions to make, if only mom and dad were here to help you. But hey, worry not and do not give […]

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