Advice on Choosing a Sleek and Minimalist Style Bathroom Mirror

In the last few years, minimalism has become increasingly popular. It is defined as owning fewer things and removing all unnecessary distractions which some of the objects we own can cause. Many people have tried incorporating this style in their everyday life, trying to minimize the number of belongings they own. Besides buying fewer things, those that enjoy this style prefer plain and simple objects. But why do people love this style so much? Is it because it is more aesthetically pleasing? Well, yes and no. As they say, less is more. This especially holds true in terms of style and design – the fewer accessories you have, the better decorated the place looks.


However, aesthetics isn’t the only thing why people are toning down their furnishings and home décor. Research has found than cluttered homes and offices can affect your mental wellbeing. So, in order to have a stress-free environment, more and more people are adopting the minimalist approach when furnishing their homes. Having a small number of quality objects can decrease the clutter in your home and make it look cleaner and tidier. And if there is any room in a house where cleanliness and tidiness are most important, it would be the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom and removing all of the toiletries from the vanity desk or sink will temporarily clear the mess, but it is not a permanent solution. Replacing the bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink is expensive if you weren’t already planning on remodeling the bathroom.

There is one object where it is easier to be picky though – the bathroom mirror. If you have compromised on an ostentatious mirror, note that they are easy to replace. There are so many modest-looking mirrors to choose from now, so you will easily find the perfect one for you. And the most minimalist looking bathroom out there would be a bathroom mirror without frames.

In terms of shape, you can find rectangular, diamond or circle bathroom mirrors. You can also find mosaic styled mirrors. But having too many mirrors is the opposite of the look you want to achieve. So, your best bet is opting for a single piece mirror. The options that remain are round, rectangular or diamond. However, as the edges of a mirror can be quite sharp, go for the safer alternative – a round bathroom mirror. Another plus is that round mirrors are the perfect contrast to all of the rectangular-shaped pieces of furniture in the bathroom. Most bathtubs and showers are rectangular, as well as vanity units, bathroom cupboards, soap dispensers… you get the picture. It is nice to mix the shapes up a bit so that you don’t feel like you have walked in a square-themed room.


So, what makes the round bathroom mirror without frames the perfect piece of bathroom accessory? Well, to start with, the frames affect the style and look of the mirror the most. Depending on the way your bathroom is decorated, you will need to match them so that they will go together with your vanity unit or tiles. And without them, you don’t have to worry about the color and material of the frames. It won’t matter if your bathroom is primarily white, blue, green or beige. And if you get bored of having this type of mirror in the bathroom, you can move it to any other room in the house. Or any other bathroom for that matter. A frameless round bathroom mirror looks sleek and modern. It won’t easily go out of style, so you will be able to use it for years to come without thinking that it looks old-fashioned.

And, to get back on the topic of minimalism, having no frames will decrease the visual clutter. Bathroom mirrors are usually placed above the sink or vanity unit, where all of the toiletries are strewn about. Below the mirror, you can see soaps, hairdryers, hair straighteners, q tips, hair conditioners, shampoos, shower gels. To make matters worse, you can even see their reflection in the mirror. The last thing you need is patterned and colorful frames. On top of cleaning out everything below the mirror, you will also have to make sure the mirror is clean. This includes the area close to the frames. Due to the way these types of mirrors are made, it is hard to fully clean the whole surface. The edges aren’t very accessible, which makes cleaning them a hard task. And this is not something you want to skip.


In order to grow, bacteria need a warm and moist environment. After having a nice long hot bath or shower, you will probably notice how much steam there is in your bathroom. Your mirror will be so fogged up by water steam that you will barely be able to see yourself in it. As we have stated, bacteria need warmth and moisture to grow, so you need your bathroom appliances and accessories to be easily accessible. Besides, bacteria, dust, and grime can get stuck within the edges of the frames. Why not try and do everything you can to make cleaning up this room a bit easier? It is simple, just eliminate all of the added features that serve no purpose.

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