5 Must-Have Boots in Every Man’s Wardrobe

Men's Boots

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Through history, boots were only worn by the elite aristocrats and wealthy merchants, to express their status and prestige in society. During those times, the boots were usually made of leather and fur to protect the one’s feet from the external influences, such as water, snow, etc. Today, the footwear industry has grown to the point that it produces boots simply for style’s sake. So, there are hundreds of designs that you can buy just to make a statement.

But despite the many flashy boots made of flimsy materials and that are uncomfortable to walk in, you can still find a highly durable pair like R.M. Williams that combines utility and style. Thanks to the fashion industry development, nowadays you can get both of these features in just a single pair of boots. The variety of choices can go from sophisticated formal-ish boots to more casual combat or laced designs. However, there are some evergreen pieces that should be found in every modern men’s wardrobe.

Biker Boots

When the leather biker style boots are mentioned, the first thing that comes to your mind, is a bad cowboy, carrying a Colt 45 attached to his leather holster, walking around in his pointy boots while smoking tobacco? If that’s the case, I’m sorry to say that you’re wrong.

While the cowboy biker boots were only worn by the motorcyclists in the 1940s, today’s fashion trends require having at least one pair of western-style motorcycle boots in your wardrobe.. Why? If you want to make an impression of a confident, stylish man, that knows exactly what he wants, these shoes are your way to go for every casual event you attend. Still not convinced to get yourself a pair of cool biker boots? There are a few more reasons for you to buy them.

First of all, the self-explanatory fact that these motorcycle boots are made only of high-quality leathers is what makes them a highly durable solution to keep your feet warm and protected during the colder days, in a stylish way. At the end of the day, if we look back in history, that was the main purpose of the classic cowboy boots – to protect cowboys’ feet while riding their horses.

Style being considered, a pair of black motorcycle boots can mean a real refreshment for your wardrobe because they can be styled in a lot of ways. Wear these boots with your favourite blue skinny jeans and make an impression of the ultimate bad guy. If you want to give your look an even edgier, bolder note, throw a leather jacket on and steal everyone’s attention by radiating self-confidence in an ultra-fashionable way.

The best thing about these boots is that they are timeless – they will never be out of date. More and more men are going for the leather bike boots these days, and that’s why their popularity is never going to fade, not at least in the next million years. So, what are you waiting for? Pick the perfect pair of biker boots and become the ultimate bad boy in your boy gang.

Biker Boots

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Chelsea Boots

These boots are famous ever since the Beatles started wearing them as part of their outfits on the stage. Exactly 50 years have passed since then, and the popularity of Chelsea boots still hasn’t faded. That’s because they are the perfect fit for every occasion. For instance, you can wear a nice pair of suede Chelsea boots combined with a stylish blazer for the office. When the sun goes down, switch them with your black rocker jacket, and you’ve got the perfect outfit for a night out with the boys.

Chelsea Boots

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Chukka Boots

If you’re more a sophisticated gentleman, and a bold, rocker look is not much your cup of tea, then a pair of nice Chukka boots are the perfect match for your outfit of the day. These boots are usually made of leather and can be found in a variety of colours. What makes them unique, is their height – they are cut below the ankle. The open lacing system makes them even more attractive to wear.

Chukka boots can also be styled in a lot of ways. Throw on your favourite black jeans and a blazer with your black chukka boots to get the smart casual look for a date. Switch the jeans with a pair of trousers if you want to go for a more business casual look. You can also get the laidback urban vibe by wearing them with a nice denim jacket. The combination of denim and shoes in brown shades is ultra popular these days. But feel free to style the modern chukka boots in different ways. Whatever you wear, you can’t go wrong.

Work Boots

These boots were originally invented as a durable and comfy solution for the harsh conditions that the construction workers constantly faced. But the footwear fashion industry has been persistent enough and turned these shoes into a stylish option to complete an everyday casual look. That’s the exact reason why a 2020’s man can’t be imagined without a pair of brown-ish casual work boots.

Feel free to wear them with everything- your favourite t-shirt, a simple blazer, a turtleneck, but don’t forget the most important detail- cuff your pants at the bottom while wearing these boots. This simple detail will give an even more fashionable and casual tone to your look, and plus will show off your brand new work boots.

Work Boots for Men

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Winter Boots

Everyone needs good winter boots to get through the cold and snowy conditions. In addition to work boots (which are quite a practical but at the same time fashionable addition for both male and female footwear), another pair of winter boots is also a must-have for a modern man’s wardrobe.

For instance, if the military could win various battles and wars in combat-laced boots, why wouldn’t you win the outfit of the day section in such a pair? Combine them with your most comfy jeans or pants and a simple blazer, and you’re ready to go!

Another option for the coldest winter days is the hiking-style winter boot. Some states of Australia may not be the coldest locations in the world, but a pair of nice hiking boots can always come in handy for the surprise weather conditions or on your upcoming winter vacation. They also pair great with street style outfits.

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