Three Ingenious Accessories for Easy LED Lighting Installation

The job of an electrician is vital for the world as we know it. It’s a job that entails great responsibility, as electricity is one of the cornerstones of modern living. Because of that, focus, extensive knowledge, and following precise rules and regulations are just a small part of the things required from an electrician. This is why developing convenient and smart electrical innovations that can make some of their tasks simpler, easier and less time-consuming is so important.

Professional, reputable electricians are always willing to learn new simpler ways to perform some of their tasks. If you are in search of smart, easy-to-use electrical accessories, and you’ve never heard of the Blind Snake Rapid Plug Base, the Rapid XC Connector and the NOXBOX130 – electrical accessories for LED lighting made from electricians for electricians – here is your chance to learn about them. These electrical accessories are designed to decrease the use of tools, reduce the time you spend on the installation of lighting products, make the whole process simpler, and even save some money.

Blind Snake Rapid Plug Base

The Blind Snake™ Rapid Plug Base

Made to cut the time for installation of downlight plug bases significantly, M-Elec’s Blind Snake one of the best pieces of LED lighting accessories you can find in the industry. It works entirely without using tools, revolutionising the “connection to cable” technology and changing the market. This innovation essentially replaces the use of various tools and techniques for LED downlight installations. With one simple two-handed motion, it practically renders a complex and laborious task, making it obsolete and saving electricians precious time (up to 70%). Further, it reduces labour costs for installation, not to mention clean-up times.

The Blind Snake has been designed and tested for 2 years, and it is reliable and safe to use. Additionally, it’s SAA and Global-Mark compliant, as well as fire-resistant because it is made from high-grade PC plastic. It’s engineered from high-grade copper and brass, for active, neutral and earth connection fangs. It works by piercing through the outside of the 1.5mm2 or 2.5mm2 twin or earth cables, making a solid connection with the internal conductors. When the connection is made, it makes an audible click.

The Rapid XC Connector

One more incredibly helpful electrical supply created to significantly reduce the time for installation of lighting products (up to 80%). As the name suggests it’s a Rapid connector with an XC plug. This is another product that provides electricians with a completely tool-less solution for otherwise longer and far more complex tasks – a connection system on both 1.5mm2 and 2.5mm2 twin or earth flat cables. When using the Rapid XC Connector, the electrician also won’t need to be concerned with polarity or the traditional terminal blocks.

Moreover, the Rapid XC Connector further extends on the Blinds Snake technology, and they both allow for polarity-free connections without the use of any tools. It’s reliable and highly durable, with an IP20 rating, and with a temperature range from 20°C to 60°C. It’s made of polycarbonate and hardened copper fangs.



The NOXBOX130 is another ingenious electrical accessory designed by electricians for electricians. It can fit almost any exterior or interior location. It is safe, reliable, and has a temperature range from -20°C up to +45°C. This reliable and durable product is made of UV-stabilised PP material. It is the first model available in different sizes of junction boxes, and it is rated IP65 for vertical installation. It is constructed as a one-piece, offers fast and easy wiring, and features multiple knock-out entry points.

The convenient slim and compact design of the NOXBOX130s is also quite attractive. In fact, these accessories weigh merely 0.05 kg, their width is 68 mm, their height is 81 mm, and their depth when closed is 31 mm. The best thing about these LED lighting accessories, without a doubt, is that they offer speed as well as ease of installation which can’t be compared to any other product available on the market. The NOXBOX130 is a must-have accessory for any electrician, and it can improve any job you decide to use it for.

Final Thoughts

Any electrician worth their penny knows that time is a luxury, which is why they’re always looking for ways to save a couple of precious minutes. Every piece of equipment and all of their tools at their disposal are great, but sometimes, simplicity is key to making a meaningful difference. The aforementioned three solutions are specifically designed to simplify a wide range of jobs and make life easier.

Have you used any of the aforementioned electrical accessories before? What’s your experience with them? Are there any other ingenious accessories that are worth a mention? Sharing your knowledge can help thousands of electricians get the job done more efficiently and more safely in these trying times!

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