What Makes Scandinavian Design So Unique?

Each and every home style has its own beauty, but nothing can beat the charm of Scandinavian design and it’s going nowhere any time soon. Marked by its simplicity and minimalism, this style can help you add more appeal, function and brightness to your home with ease. Present on the market since the early ’50s, the Scandi style comes with a unique set of perks.

Less Clutter

The lack of clutter is one of the first things that makes this type of style so eye-catching. One interesting fact is that in the past Scandinavian homes used to be very small and didn’t allow much room for extra stuff, which is how the space saving idea came about. Nowadays, this idea of creating decluttered spaces has remained the same even though today’s Scandinavian homes are larger and have lots of free space.

Simple Furniture

Another important aspect of the whole Scandinavian style picture is the furniture. There are a plethora of Scandinavian style furniture pieces to choose from and all of them are made with one goal – to help you create a more appealing and functional home with clean lines and neutral palette colours. From furnishing your bedroom and living room to your kitchen and hallway, nowadays you can easily create your own Scandi-inspired home thanks to the many choices offered on the market. The key is to stay true to the beautifully crafted Scandinavian style furniture pieces, the ones that can give you both quality and durability. That being said, it is not surprising that the main type of material used for designing Scandi furniture, floors and even walls is wood. Pines, ash, beech and solid European oak are one of the most commonly used types of woods used in Scandinavian design, but, except for wood, you can also find different types of steel used as the base of creating a range of chairs and tables.

Simple Accents

Although the ideas is to keep a Scandi home less cluttered, adding some simple accents is acceptable. For example, you can break up the dullness of a bare wall by adding abstract wall art, as well as one with botanical or graphic designs.

Warm Textile

Scandinavian interior designs are also popular for the many warm décor pieces. Faux fur, today’s chunky knitted blankets, sheepskin rugs, wool and many other textiles are considered an integral part of the whole Scandi interior design picture.

Light Neutral Colours

The main reason why Scandi homes are all about the colour white is because of the Scandinavian long and dark winters and white can help brighten up a space. When it comes to choosing another colour apart form white as a base colour for the space, interior designers recommend keeping soft and lighter colours like light grey, beige, light brown, etc.

Natural Light

Because of the lack of sun throughout the year, Scandinavian homes are all about letting natural light in. This natural light and light colours combination really does the job in rendering Scandi homes known for their clean, crisp and bright interiors. Window treatments are often omitted completely, but if you want to include some, it is recommended using translucent and sheer curtains so that natural light can still come in.

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