3D Printers: Unique Technology with Great Importance

3D printing is the process of converting a digital file into a real 3D object. You can either draw the object using a CAD software, or you can scan any object you want to transform into a real one. All this wouldn’t be possible without the use of 3D printers – a piece of technology that has revolutionized many industries and because of the many ways it is used today, it’s bringing us a step closer to the future.


The field of medicine has various uses for 3d printers. Nowadays surgeons plan their operations by making and reviewing 3D printed replicas of the physical problem they will be working on. This method reduces the likelihood of errors. Besides for surgeries, printed models are also used for the needs of medical students too. Universities buy 3d printers so that the doctors-to-be can study anatomy in an effective and innovative way. And finally, what came as a huge success in the healthcare field since the invention of these printers is the possibility to make prosthetic limbs.

Fashion and Design

A number of creators from the world of fashion and interior design take advantage of 3D printing in order to make remarkable state of the art products. Since forever, the world of fashion strives to embrace the newest trends, so fashion houses buy 3d printers and produce a number of products that are appealing, stylish and sturdy. These include unique high-heels and chunky statement jewellery pieces. Similarly, the furniture pieces made by using 3d printing technology are also creative, artistic and lighter too, without sacrificing sturdiness. Typical examples are floor and table lamps, and ceiling and wall lights as well.

The DIY World

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts also find 3D printers to be the exact piece of technology they need so they can transform their virtual ideas into solid three dimensional objects. Prototypes made with 3D printers are far more affordable than doing one by hand and then starting all over again. 3D printers are also practical for around-the-house projects too. Doorsteps, bookends or corner buffers are small things that anyone can print and make suitable for their needs.


As mentioned above, universities and schools can use 3D printing technology to bring objects out of the computer screen and into the hands of students. Besides medical students, these are useful for engineering students who can print prototypes and architecture students who can print out artifacts for closer examination for designs and history classes. The list doesn’t stop here. All students, regardless of their age can benefit from learning through physical manipulation of objects.

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