Vegan Skincare Products: What Makes Them Unique

We all use beauty products to cleanse and protect our body, alter our appearance and accentuate our features. But in our pursuit of beauty, experiencing potential negative impacts is not something that we are looking forward to. However, the truth is that most often, conventional products contain harmful ingredients. But luckily, there is a way to avoid them – by using vegan skin care products.



Gentler on the Skin

Chances are that the products you are already using contain preservatives, chemicals, and toxins. But that’s not the case with vegan skin care products as they are made from natural and gentle ingredients that nourish the skin rather than causing irritation. This is especially important for those who have the sensitive skin that gets irritated easily. What’s more, the plant-derived ingredients in many vegan formulas contain more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanical extracts which can help repair and rejuvenate your skin and give you a healthy glow. This makes them more effective than their synthetic counterparts. Your skin will thank you for making the switch!

You Are in Control

By choosing to use vegan skin care products, you can eliminate a huge amount of harmful ingredients found in the animal-based products. Animal ingredients in conventional cosmetics can often have misleading names for the sake of sales (because let’s admit it “pregnant horse urine” just doesn’t make a product fly off the shelves). Certain ingredients in commercial cosmetics are derived from various parts of dead animals or are by-products of the meat industry. Gross! But vegan skincare goodies tend to have far shorter and more straight forward ingredients list, meaning you are likely to know what are you putting on your skin or hair.



You Will Be Helping the Environment

As already mentioned, traditional skincare products may contain plenty of nasties. Apart from being harmful to those who apply them on the skin, these chemicals can also harm the environment after they’re washed away from the face and body, down the drains and ultimately into the oceans.

For instance, oxybenzone and octinoxate are two chemicals that are commonly found in traditional sunscreens. These are believed to have a damaging effect on coral reefs. Parabens like BHA and BHT which are often used as preservatives in moisturizers and makeup are also believed to have a negative effect on the environment and marine life when released into waterways. Also, synthetic fragrances can accumulate in the tissues of the wildlife as they don’t get broken down when they end up in the wastewater. But there is a way you can reduce your impact on the Earth (while still looking fab, of course) – opt for eco-friendly vegan skincare.

You Will Be Helping Many Animals

Aside from the above mentioned, you can help many animals when switching to vegan-friendly beauty products. Apart from excluding animal-derived ingredients, vegan skincare goodies are also usually cruelty-free meaning they haven’t been tested on animals. The animals that are used in the experiments are not only kept in small cages and inhumane conditions, but there are also subjected to tests that are beyond cruel (tortured, blinded and ultimately killed) – something that you don’t want to support. Animal testing is still a problem in 2020, but luckily many countries are moving towards the cruelty-free future with Australia being one of them. You will easily recognize products that haven’t been tested on animals as this is clearly labelled on the package.



No Need for Sacrifices

Finally, you may come to a false conclusion that converting to vegan skincare products will leave you with an empty bathroom cabinet. But that is not the case as there are many options of vegan skincare products available. Today’s modern shoppers and beauty junkies are becoming more concerned about sustainable living, which has lead to an increased demand for vegan beauty products. This means that there’s a diverse array of ethical brands you can choose from and that you can buy vegan skincare at an affordable price thanks to the laws of supply and demand. Vegan make-up and skincare products are easy to find. You no longer have to sacrifice looking fabulous to go vegan with your makeup as you won’t have to choose between your love of high-quality cosmetics and your desire for health-conscious products. If anything, you can create a healthier and more radiant version of yourself and your skin will be thankful for years to come.

On a final note, whether you’re are already a vegan looking to take your beauty regimen up a notch or someone who is not quite ready to change their eating habits – it doesn’t matter. You can still reap all of the above-mentioned benefits by making the switch to vegan cosmetics and feel good about your looks and your impact.

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