Unique way to Australian Visa

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Australia has topped the charts of ” best countries to live in” this past decade because of its profound and efficient system. People from countries that fight poverty won’t think twice if they get an opportunity to work or live in Australia. But these opportunities don’t come easy, because immigration procedure for Australia is very specific and strict. Consequently, many people search for possible alternatives to get a visa and try to extend their visit or maybe even become a permanent resident, if possible. Now, we are all aware of student and working visas, but are there any specific ways to get a visa other than these. With Australia’s Skill Visa program, people can get a visa depending on their field of expertise, so yes there are many other ways. Additionally, migration agents in Australia can give you best advice on which Visa types comply with your CV.

One unique way to get a visa is to apply for Air or Sea crew job. Australian government every year releases a list of available positions in air and sea crew fields that demand specific skills and experience in order to get the job. Once you get the job you are eligible to get a visa that covers your working period. The best thing about this unique visa is that it is possible to continue your stay if the employer guarantees for you.

Another unusual way of getting an Australian visa is to seek an asylum. This is a very specific case as only citizens of countries in war or other social problems can ask for asylum. Even if you are coming from this type of country, migration agents from Australia will tell you that the procedure is very complex and no one can guarantee you that your application will be accepted.

Bridging visas are also little different from other types of visas that are issued if you are planning to continue your stay in Australia. You can apply for a bridging visa while you still have a valid entry visa. Again, there is no guarantee that you will get the visa, but if you really want to stay, it is worth to take your chances.

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