A Few Unique Types of Tape Useful for Most Situations

When I say the word tape, the first thing most of you think of is probably the common variety duck tape that everyone has around the home in a drawer. Everyone knows what the basic function of this tape is – to hold the universe together. If you broke something, use tape on it, if you have a hole somewhere and you need to patch it up, use tape on it, if you can’t find a screwdriver or screws for your car’s engine block, use tape on it. In all seriousness, the standard sort of tape that everyone uses is pretty good at holding together certain types of materials, but it doesn’t do well in every situation. Luckily, there are plenty of other, less standard brands that can pick up the slack and do what your average sort of duck tape cannot.

Strapping Tape

First on the list we have the strapping tape. The strapping tape is very easy to explain seeing as how it can be applied in just about as many places as the versatile standard tape, but is essentially an upgraded version of it. In comparison, the strapping tape has a much stronger self adhesive that can hold in place or keep together even some very awkwardly shaped and cumbersomely sized objects with surprising effectiveness. Their high tensile and impact strength allows them to withstand for an amazingly long amount of time and even under less than ideal conditions. While it may have its uses in many different fields, it is primarily used in transportation because of its above mentioned special characteristics.

Next, we have the many kinds of barrier tapes, or as they are otherwise known as – safety and hazard tapes. These have a very large range of uses seeing as how they don’t only come in a few different types, but also in a variety of different bright and noticeable patterns and colours so that they can draw your attention much more easily. They are usually applied around hazardous or restricted sites and are meant to mark off the area so that unsuspecting visitors or intruders don’t accidentally stumble in and cause harm either to themselves, or the machinery and items in the restricted area.

And finally, we should also mention the waterproof adhesive tapes as well. As their name suggests, these are meant for use in damp or flooded environments and are the only adhesive type that can withstand those specific conditions, seeing as how the others are likely to give out in a very short period of time if they are faced with even a small amount of liquids. They can be used in hazardous liquids facilities, in frequently flooded regions, and even on the cracks on your coffee pot if you can’t afford a new one.

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