Go Camping: Pitch a Tent and Enjoy Australia’s Unique Landscapes

For beginner campers and festival-goers, buying a tent might seem like the hardest decision they have to make when it comes to planning the entire trip, especially since it’s easy for inexperienced campers to buy a tent that’s bigger than what they need, or one not large enough to meet their requirements. Whether for festivals, one-man or casual family camping, there are suitable portable shelter made of cloth for everyone.


Tents are generally divided into a few groups depending on the seasons and conditions they are used in, so it’s of utmost importance that the campers pick the style, size and type most suitable to the type of camping adventure they plan.

Summer Tents
The name is self-explanatory, they are designed for the hot weather. The reason this type of tents are used for summer camping is their superior ventilation. A large amount of mesh is incorporated into the body of the tent and by using a rain fly which stops a couple of centimeters above the ground will allow great ventilation. Quality summer tents are also capable of withstanding more severe types of weather, like rainfall and moderate breezes.

Winter Tents
The complete opposite of summer tents, these are used in extreme weather conditions. They’re made with heavy-duty, tough fabrics and have a sturdy pole structure with either four or five poles, and steep sidewalls to shed rain and show. They also usually have a low, boulder-like shape to mitigate the wind.

All Season Tents
These are designed for all conditions. They feature a combination of features, such as rain fly and vestibule, which allows the campers to adjust to climate change during their trip. The features allow the campers to remove unnecessary parts during the summer or add pieces for stormy winter conditions. The windows will often have mesh panels with zips solid pieces in order to be closed if the weather turns for the worse. The only trade off for the versatility is the weight.

A tent can be bought from various locations, including department and big box stores, specifically camping and online stores. They all provide certain benefits, however online stores offer lower prices and a greater level of convenience. Moreover, online marketplaces will provide you with a wide variety of products and detailed description of the particular item. For people that know what type of tent they want this will be the most convenient option.

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