A Few Simple But Useful Car Modifications You Might Like

Car modifications can be really hit and miss. Some can prove to be really useful and give your car a few new features it didn’t have before, and others can be completely superfluous and improve nothing other than the appearance (sometimes not even that). The price and overall capabilities of these mods will be primarily decided by what you are planning to change and how drastic you want these changes to be. There are people that have gone so far with the modifications that they turned a small hatchback into what was essentially a 4×4 pick up truck. OK, so maybe not quite, but there are people that go overboard with these kinds of things, while I have personally found that the smaller changes can sometimes be much better that the bigger and flashier ones.

Navara Dump pipe

A good example of simple but effective, would be the modification I made to my exhaust by completely switching out my Nissan Navara dump pipe. Luckily, this was remarkably easy to do since there were plenty of different Navara Dump pipe models to choose from. I managed to improve my ride in a certain way without having to compromise it by installing overly cumbersome pieces that don’t do all that much. As a result, my power output has not improved all that drastically meaning I am still drawing more from the engine but it doesn’t effect the overall quality of the ride.

Next, look into the tires. If you have a bigger car like me then you might want to consider switching out your tires at a more frequent interval, but you might also like to look into entirely switching out your standard ones with more efficient ones. This almost always is misconstrued to mean I am recommending bigger tires, which aren’t a bad choice, but unless you are planning on going off-road then they really aren’t vital. Instead try and get some tires that are more durable but will still fit your car well. Again, this will not drastically change the way your car handles but it will be a welcome mod if you ever get the chance to try out what tires with better grip can give you on rougher roads.

As you can probably tell by now, my preference leans towards minimalistic, but effective changes to the vehicle that don’t require you to either spend a lot of money or entirely retool your entire car. So towards that end, my final suggestion for an upgrade you might get the most out of, both financially and functionally, would have to be the brakes. Not much to say here really since there is no other component that can replace the brakes in function and importance. You don’t have to get the highest grade discs if you can’t afford them, but I would still recommend you switch them out as soon as you feel the grip start to go and you have to push harder on the pedal than you used to have to.

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