Unique Hat & Sunglasses Combinations

Some days, all the concealer and dry shampoo in the world simply aren’t enough to cover up a bad night’s sleep. Bad hair sleep, that is. These are the days when a great pair of sunglasses complemented with an astonishing hat calls to action. Here’s how to match the right sunglasses with the right hat, and be a cover-up connoisseur.


Oversized Sunglasses and Wide-Brim Womens Hats

In this classic combination everything is big: a wide, straw brim hat with a large-frame sunglasses make a charming combination. Wear this style to the pool and beach for ultimate shade and glamour, or around the town if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Wayfarers and Fedora

Essential items for music festivals and weekend markets, the ‘wayfarers & fedora’ combination makes a classy look. Straw fedora womens hats are lightweight and provide perfect shade in sunny days, while the felt models are the perfect accessory to keep you warm in the cooler months.

Aviators and Baseball Cap

When it comes to off-duty style, there is no better pairing combo than the old aviators and a baseball cap. Paired with a pair of jeans and simple white, cotton t-shirt ensemble, it makes an excellent casual and smart option for Saturday morning soccer games or grocery shopping.

Sporty Frames and Beanies

Aside from being great head-warmers for cold months and amazing covers for a multitude of unwashed hair sins, beanies womens hats can also add a sporty style to any winter outfit. Adorned with a pom-pom or just worn slouchy, there is something about these hats that suggests you have just come back from a day spent on the ski slopes. To keep the active spirit, pair them with sporty shades, for example with a plastic-framed aviator.

John Lennon Sunglasses And Trilby Womens Hats

Combine a cute felt hat with a round, retro frame to re-live the 60s. Wear the hat slightly back on the head, with a fringe styled forward.

Now that you know how to combine womens hats and sunglasses, it is time to shop for your accessories. Womens hats and sunglasses are easily found in local stores and online these days. Although your local store can help you pick the best look for yourself, their prices are often higher than from the ones online retailers offer and their selection is also limited. Online you can find a larger selection at much better prices. And because almost every online retailer offers customer service and style-tips team, you can also get fashion help from them.

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