Cosmetic Tattoo:Unique Way To Fuller Looking Eyebrows

Having Cara Delevingne’s eyebrows is for some women a life’s wish mainly because fuller eyebrows are the leading beauty trend. Fuller eyebrows are no longer reserved just for women with naturally thick and perfect hair; with technology developing so fast it is now possible for all women to enjoy this trendy look. No, we aren’t talking about pencils and powders. That’s old news. We refer to a more permanent procedure – permanent makeup, or commonly known as cosmetic tattooing.

Cosmetic tattoo eyebrows are becoming more and more popular among women that have thin eyebrows or a really bad reaction to tweezers regardless of the age. It is hard for such women to grow their eyebrows enough to achieve the ‘thick brows’ look, and using eye pencils, eyeshadow or powders to achieve the Cara Delevingne’s look is so time-consuming. And boring.


Drawing brows is far from simple. This cosmetic technique that requires attention and knowledge or it won’t grant you much result. That’s why many women choose to get cosmetic tattoo eyebrows; it’s the miracle sent from heaven and a one-time procedure that instantly gives the perfect eyebrows for the face frame. And most importantly, it’s a solution that lasts. Know why? Because permanent makeup is the process of micro-pigmentation, or applying natural pigments into the dermal layer of skin.

The entire procedure is very simple.

  • First you need to make an appointment with a beauty technician to go over your medical history to make sure you qualify for this cosmetic procedure and that no medications you may have taken would interfere with the procedure and cause any adverse effects.
  • If everything is as it should be, cosmetic tattoo eyebrows procedure can be performed. If you have had any old cosmetic tattoo eyebrows, a colour cover or a colour restorer is applied over the top. You can get everything you want; fill any gaps on your brows, align them or lift them a little. You can make your eyebrows look polished or more natural. Cosmetic tattooing offers all these possibilities.
  • Before you undergo the procedure, know that eyebrows take the longest to heal. It takes about 4-5 days before they start looking normal. You shouldn’t exfoliate of brush your eyebrows during this period. Water is enough to clean them daily. Afterward, when the area calms down, you will enjoy your full eyebrows.
  • The last step is a touch-up. If required, you would need to visit your practitioner one more time.

And there you have it! Eyebrows to perfectly fit your face shape, and define the uniqueness of your face. If you make the decision to take this step and get your cosmetic tattoo eyebrows, do your research first and find the practitioner that suits you best.

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