How to Choose an RC Plane: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

For those unfamiliar with the concept – RC planes are simple, small flying objects that you can control using a radio transmitter. Since they’re very easy to operate and don’t require too much fuss on mounting, new RC plane models are showing up on the market every day. They’re becoming very popular, especially as a hobby and way to spend time for enthusiasts, or for learning how to fly a device using a remote control.

If you’re a beginner, it’s highly suggested that you opt for a trainer plane, which is a very conventional and simple design that offers stability. These can be powered by a combustion engine or battery. Let’s check out what you should pay attention to when exploring the range of remote planes.

Designs of Remote Planes

Most beginners would like something that looks great and flies fast. And that’s one of the most common mistakes beginners make. What you should look for instead is, as briefly aforementioned, stability. The first few flights should be stable in order to get a good feel for the hobby.

That being said, get an RC plane with a high wing trainer. In other words, the wing should be placed above the fuselage, resulting in very stable flights. When the entire weight of remote planes is on the wings, they’ll fly with great stability. Something else that plays a role in stability is the location of the dihedral or angle between the two wings. The angle should be as high as possible for optimum stability.

Remote Plane Power

The next thing to consider is the power of the plane. RC planes can be either powered by an electric motor or an engine. Both have their own distinct pros and cons. Electric-powered engines are most suitable for beginners, as they’re easy to fly around, plus they’re more affordable. They also require very few accessories, which reduces the costs even more. Furthermore, they can be flow in public places as they don’t create much noise.

On the other hand, engine-powered planes have a lot more expenses associated with them. They require maintenance, which can be costly by itself, plus fuel costs. And since they’re typically larger in size, they create more noise. However, these models provide a smoother and more authentic flight.

RC Plane Channels

Even when it comes to something as seemingly as irrelevant as the number of plane channels, you have a variety of options to decide from. For example, you can get a single channel RC plane, which is best suited for small-time flyers and toys. However, one channel planes will prove to be insufficient if you’re serious about flying an RC plane. For comparison, a two-channel device will also provide limited options in terms of what you can do with the plane.

Three-channel planes, although more expensive, are probably the best option for beginners. They come with 3 components of control to the elevator, rudder and motor. These planes are faster and can make acrobatic and swift movements in the air. Lastly, there are four-channel planes that are more complicated to operate, and they’re usually meant for those with some experience in flying RC aircraft.

Ready-to-Ride or Assemble Yourself Kit?

This is another aspect to consider. Do you want to make the plane yourself from scratch, or do you want a ready-to-ride plane? Assembling the kit yourself can be a rewarding experience, but you’d need to be handy with a bunch of tools. If that’s the case, just follow the instruction manual, or check out some videos online. On the other hand, if you want a ready-to-ride kit, then all you’ll have to do is attach the ESCs and motor. This is the more popular option among those that just want to get to flying as soon as possible.

Spare Parts Availability

If you’re going to be flying your RC plane, crashing it will be something that inevitably happens every now and then, so it’s best you’re prepared for it. Getting a model that has plenty of spare parts available is highly advisable for this reason. If you get a plane that you’ll have a hard time finding spare parts for, it’s going to be a useless investment.

Final Thoughts

RC planes can be used by everyone for a good afternoon of fun. They won’t disturb your neighbours, and they can get you into the RC hobby, which is growing in popularity as time goes by. Choosing the best RC plane is essential to your enjoyment, which is why you need to consider the aforementioned factors in the buying process.

These planes can be a great way to unwind and get rid of stress, and they are close to being noiseless, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbours. And even though they look easy to fly around, getting it right as a beginner can definitely be difficult, which is why you should get a model that’s stable rather than fast.

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