Wisdom Teeth Removal: The Way to Prevent Jaw Damage

No one said gathering wisdom was easy. The maturing process is certainly not the simplest one as it takes a great deal of changes to go from the carefree childhood days and well into the adulthood of responsibilities. The painful appearance of wisdom teeth can best sum up the acquiring of life knowledge: It takes time to become mature and go through the transition, so it’s natural these teeth turn out the latest, in the “wisdom” period of the ages between 16 and 25. It’s not unusual for people to experience pain during the growth of these teeth, also known as third molars, and, considering smile is essential to the overall charm of a person, it’s necessary to look into it sooner before it turns into a more serious problem.


There are of course those lucky ones who don’t have wisdom teeth at all, but they are the exceptional ones. For the rest of us, these teeth can either be a blessing, having extra teeth for chewing, or a curse, inflicting pain. Depending on the jaw, they can either grow as regular teeth or they will become impacted. In the past, humans had a bigger jaw which left enough room for additional teeth, however we have evolution to thank for narrowing our jawlines and yet, even despite this narrowing, these teeth continue to grow. Wisdom teeth removal is the solution to the wisdom dental issues, and can create more space in the mouth enough for the rest of the teeth.

The growth of these last molars creates difficulties with cleaning, so brushing will have to cover up for what can’t be reached with flossing. Less cleaning results in a number of cavities which aren’t as easy to fill as it is with the other teeth. In case the teeth are impacted, proper growth won’t be possible, so this in turn badly affects the neighbouring teeth, biting and the alignment. The surrounding tissue is also not immune as it can become inflamed, causing more difficulty with the cleaning. If you haven’t had a tooth removed prior to the growth of wisdom molars to provide the needed space, all things considered, it’s advisable to consult a dentist and resort to wisdom teeth removal and prevent further damage.

In some instances, the surrounding area of the new teeth can swell up and cysts could appear. When left untreated, they can even lead to nerve damaging. Considering every bit of our body is connected, problems with the wisdom teeth can be the reason for sinus pressure and pain. Bad odour is also an indication of issues with the third molars so you better get that required check up if you want to pucker up and have some kissing time.

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